Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nothing Like a Good Ol' Granny Square: WIP Wednesday


Recently I've been doing a bunch of small crochet projects.  Little things like baby booties, beanies and teeny tiny flowers.  I realized the other day that I'm ready to tackle another big project.    So I decided to design a blanket and nothing says "come cuddle under me" like a crochet patchwork blanket! ^.^

This new blanket design started with me flipping through my 200 Crochet Squares book on the lookout for beautiful & simple patterns to build with.  I went over & over a few motifs before settling on two.  Only thing, once I actually started making them- I didn't like them so much.  So back to the drawing board I went.  Literally.  I took out my sketchbook, drew up a blanket & planned out the colors.  This approach definitely helped, and I went back to the pattern book to find blocks to highlight my color choices.  ...still no dice... -___-

What to do now?

I took it back to basics.  In my mind, there seems to be nothing quite like a good, traditional granny square ^.^  So I will hopefully have a new snuggle worthy granny patch blanket before June!  The colors I originally chose for it were white, grey, yellow & blue, but in the spirit of using up my yarn stash, I added black, green, and a darker blue.  It feels good to potentially use up quite a bit of yarn that's just been waiting to be used.

So far, I have all 61 of the white centers done and I've started working on the color rounds.  I actually used up a brand new skein of white yarn on them.  That was pretty cool. :)  The thing about granny squares that I love the most is their simplicity.  I can totally crochet them with my eyes closed... well everything after the first round.  What that means is, I can make them while watching YouTube or Netflix or while on lunch at the mall.  They're also super portable since I'm changing colors each couple rounds.  So I can easily carry a bunch of them in my bag with the necessary yarn color and work on them on the go.  

Why would I ever stray from the wondrous granny square!?!? *shrug*

Anywho, that's what's currently on my hook and I'm quite happy about it.  I can't wait until I start joining them together... I suppose I should decide what kind of join I want to use.  I'm leaning towards a single crochet join.  We'll see soon enough.  (BTW  I just spelled soon incorrectly twice o.O 'sune' then 'soone'... what the heck?!?  That's what I get for writing them up at 1 am. *sigh*)

Peace! I hope you're having a wonderful week :)