Thursday, February 28, 2013

See You Later February

Wow... I can hardly believe that February is over!  This has been an event filled month for me to say the least, and it doesn't look like it'll be slowing down any time soon.  Not sure how I feel about that honestly.

As of today, I have 9 days left on my lease >.<  Last night, Lamar and I were talking about the logistics of him getting up here, where to rent the truck, when to pack the truck, and all that jazz.  It's been stressful. Sorting through all my belongings and determining what to give away, throw away, and keep.  I have 3 bags of clothes to donate and I'm planning cut my yarn/fabric stash in half.  I've told my local crafty friends to come and "shop my stash."  I'm selling furniture on Craigslist and giving pieces away. (One of the members of my poetry club told me his roommate needs a bed and was totally surprised when I said I'd give him mine. I remember that college kid struggle, I will gift where I can lol.)  I'm stalking wal-mart near midnight to pick up boxes.  But even with all that I'm doing, I feel like nothing is getting done.  Maybe it'll be better when I get all this furniture out.  I need to see my room clearing out.

Blurry photo of my box stack...
Enough of moving talk.

I feel like I should write a list of March goals... I never did share my 2013 goals with you guys, forgetful me.  Well, let me share them now.  The original list had 12 goals... as you can see it's grown :) Now, it's bloomed to 20 goals & is chock full of potential good habits.  I think I'm going to go 'The Happiness Project' way about keeping these and make a chart/calendar type thing... just to keep it visible.

-Make a budget & stick to it
-Read at least 15 books
-Volunteer at an animal shelter
-Deliberately style my hair at least once a month
-Walk the dogs twice a week

-Find a job where I fit
-Make "work friends" that I'd actually hang out with

-Get involved in some way
-Help Lamar with BridgeMinistries

-Get comfortable cooking food & not just baking
-Clean the house every week
-Sweep/Vacuum 3 times a week

-Start my online shop
-Crochet & Knit a pair of socks
-Find a crafting group to attend
-Create an online photography portfolio

-Redesign Apt-203 & start the FB fan page
-Introduce more DSLR photography on Apt-203 & less camera phone-age
-Always carry a camera to take daily life photos
-Expand my reach & meet new bloggers

That's all for now. Wish me stamina in this packing game and focus with incorporating my goals!
via: We Heart It

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Creative & Unconventional

So I was reading while covering the receptionist desk today when my department director asked me about the book.  I told her it's The Career Guide for Creative & Unconventional People which lead to a short conversation about what I wanted to do.  I started telling her about how I really enjoy making/refashioning (crochet, sewing, upcycling, etc) but am having a hard time fitting these into a job title.  She told me, in a nutshell, to find what I'm really passionate about- what I find myself getting lost in doing.

I think that thing is creating with my hands.  Can I be a professional maker...?

Anyway, of course I started crying (rolls eyes) because not knowing what to do is very frustrating.  When our conversation was over, she walked away saying that she thinks that I already know what to do, I just have to sell the idea to myself. Too bad I hate sales.  *shrug*

I've been worrying about this work situation.  Whenever I look at postings all I hear in my head is
"hate it hate it hate it steal your soul steal your soul steal your soul crash your car crash your car crash your car you'll suck you'll suck you'll suck quit now quit now quit now hate it hate it hate it steal your soul steal your soul steal your soul crash your car crash your car crash your car you'll suck you'll suck you'll suck quit now quit now quit now hate it hate it hate it steal your soul steal your soul steal your soul crash your car crash your car crash your car you'll suck you'll suck you'll suck quit now quit now quit now"
on and on it goes... This dialog really makes the job hunt WAY more stressful than it is. But I don't know what to do to counteract it so I kinda just ride it.  That's a bit depressing huh. Sorry... Seem like today is a down day.  I'm not surprised. I felt it coming.  Hopefully it won't be too bad.

If you have job search advice or how to survive as a creative type advice please let me know...

Sunday, February 24, 2013


So... I'm 27 today.
Newly engaged.
Two weeks out from quitting my job.
Preparing to move to Florida.

Birthday Girl Pin! I'm tempted to wear this to work tomorrow.

I'm nervous.  This is the biggest thing I've done so far. I think the most nerve wracking part of it all is the current uncertainty.  I have 2 weeks to land a job.  Hopefully one that won't feel like gargling scorpions... Hopefully one I'll love and flourish in.  But yeah, 2 weeks.

I'm excited.  Long distance relationships are okay for a time, if that's the way things have to be, but there's no replacement for physical closeness.  The ability to drive to his house and belly bump him like Jack and Karen...  Yep, we do that. It"s surprisingly fun, you should try.  (If you don't know what that looks like, click HERE. I had a gif, but it got annoying.) 


I was under the impression that my lease wasn't up until March 31st, but no, I misread the renewal notice and it's up on March 9th.  BIG shock.  I'm glad that Lamar was here when I found out the actual end date because I went straight into freakout mode.  He pulled me back down to earth.  So yeah, I've got to pack up all my stuff... which, if you ask me, is WAY too much stuff for one lady... I started really packing last night, and I'm already to the point where I want to throw everything away. UGH! I HATE PACKING!

All the STUFF!!!!!!

I figure that I should just pull out enough clothes for a month or so, so I'll have things available to wear for these 2 weeks and for Florida.  That's a really good plan right... too bad every time I think about going into my closet and pulling clothes, I get overwhelmed.  I need help.

This will be my first major move. I don't count moving to Alabama, because I came here for school and then stayed after graduation (mostly because I was told that I wouldn't make it).  So yeah, I've been in Alabama for about 4 years post grad now and it's been alright. Pretty  much four years of trying to find the "right work" for myself. I have done so many different things in these four years.  Gotten so much experience... my scope is rather broad.  The only thing is, I haven't found the work that sits right in my spirit.  Does that exist, or do we all settle when it comes to employment.  Let me get off that soap box... Moving. The idea of moving to Florida is really awesome and scary. Orlando is so much more city than I've ever lived in. I keep thinking, "What if I can't make any friends... I'll be at home with my dogs all the time... I'll be the weird dog lady."  Yep... there's my fear. 

But on a lighter more positive note, I'm ready for the weather change. Even though I love my sweaters and leggings, I'm over the cold. I'm ready to be in the Sunshine State! Bring on the Sunshine!!! Ok..  Let me stop frittering about on the interwebs and go pull these clothes out.

Well I suppose this is my birthday post. Kinda boring, but it was a boring kinda day. We'll see how the next couple weeks go.  Wish me luck and blessings on this move.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Love Me Some Him: Big News

{I accidentally deleted the original post, so this is the recovered version. Crisis averted.}

I want to tell you a story today.

Once upon a time, in the year 2010, a math teacher and an after-school care teacher had a conversation in the gym of the Academy for Sciences and Foreign Languages.  She listened and crocheted while he vented.  When he was all talked out, he went back to his classroom.  She wanted to do something nice for him, but what?  So she wrote her list prayer and an encouraging note on a piece of paper, folded it up, and took it to him.  This was the prayer:
Dear God, please grant me these things.
Serenity for acceptance
Peace to be alright with what I accept
Clarity of Mind to maintain that peace
Strength to stand on my own
Courage to remain standing
Love to be an understanding soul
Open Ears to listen
Open Heart to listen
Wisdom to make good decisions
Patience to wait
Trust to know all things are in God's divine control.

He folded it up and kept it in his wallet.

And that's how Lamar & I met ^.^  It's funny how situations that are so unpleasant and painful can push us to cross paths with the right person at the right time.

Date night at Sam & Greg's Pizza downtown.
When we met, I was working 2 part-time jobs and hunting for a full-time position.  That position turned up, a little while later, as a customer service rep in a call center.  I told Lamar that my last day at the school was coming up and he said, "Since you're going to be busy learning a new job, we should go see a movie now while you have time." (Slick slick Mister...) I agreed, and we planned to see Book of Eli on March 17th.  That night, I had second thoughts, but I did go... and showed up late.  (We missed the beginning... oops.) After the movie we ended up driving donuts in the parking lot trying to decide where to eat.  Since it was super late, IHOP was the only thing open.  We talked until some ungodly hour of the morning... so late that one of my girlfriends called to make sure I was OK, lol!  There was such an ease to our conversation.  That quality, in itself, is hard to find.
Our EPIC snowman! I think it was our first proper snowman ever.
Neither of us remember when we "officially" became boyfriend/girlfriend, but somewhere down the line the conversation went kinda like this.
Lamar: I already call you my girlfriend.
Caleisha: I call you my boyfriend, too.
Lamar: So that's it then, huh?
Caleisha: Yep :)
I'm sure there were more words, but that was the gist of it...
We are SO silly together. We keep each other laughing :)

I know it's very cliche to say, but we've had ups and downs and there are things I regret.  But what makes it better is how much we know that we love each other. I've told him that he is such a picture of grace and love to me.  He's my own 'Christ Object Lesson' and I'm very blessed to have him in my life.  I have his back all the time and he has mine.  :~)

Christmas with his family

To continue the story:
Recently there was a young lady and a young man who had been dating for nearly three years.  She was a data entry clerk in Alabama and he was a math teacher in Florida.  They knew that long distance relationships were hard, but were determined to keep themselves locked on one another.  They sent text messages throughout the day, talked on the phone during his planning period, chatted on facebook, skyped after work, and occasionally sent emails.  He visited her for Thanksgiving and she visited him for Christmas.  But when Valentine's day came around, all she could think and wish was for them to be together. So she texted him to chat.  Their technological bridges would have to suffice.  The text messages went like this:
Her: Good morning Babes & Happy Valentine's day :~)
Him: Right back at ya booski! Happy Valentine's day! I love you! :~)
Her: Are you on planning?
Him: No
Her: Ok. can you call me when you are please? I almost started crying in my salad just now :(
Getting ultra touristy while visiting my family
He called her a bit later and she felt better to have spoken to him.  Later that night, she prepared to perform at the Luvapalooza show with her poetry club.  She sent him the site where he could watch the show stream online.

After her poem (and the minor panic attack that followed), her friends in the poetry club called her back on stage when she'd gathered herself.  They gave her roses & a Build-a-Bear from him (complete with St. Patrick's day dress for their first date) and each person read a verse from a poem he wrote for her.  And when it got to the last verse- 


oaerhooapk;o,akijkhfd;vajmpianeuhv';mtj;anyhb;roba,tr yhakjrpekrj ci !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ran to Lamar and gave him the biggest hug ever!!!! I didn't want to let him go.  He finished reading the poem and then told me that throughout our relationship I'd shown him so much love, through joblessness, family sickness, and all kinds of other times.
"You've shown me love and since God is love- you've shown me God." 
He pulled out a beautiful pearl ring, got down on his knee, and asked me to marry him. ^.^  What could I say but yes?  Well technically, I said "What kind of question is that? Of course!"  (really Caleisha? lol)
Backstage afterwards. I love his forehead kisses :~)
So that's our story.
We are two people who God has blessed to find each other.  Lamar makes everything better in my life. He understands me and does so many things that show his character. He loves me through my emotional ups and downs.  I love loving him. (Wow... cheese much?)  I'm looking forward to many many more years loving and learning more about him.  I can honestly say that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God brought us together. And that thought makes me feel like the other crappy, cruddy, relationships we've had were to get us to that day in the gym of ASFL nearly 3 years ago.
Wading in Lake Guntersville

Now that this is a proper BOOK, lol, I'm going to end this here.  Please pray for us as we venture into this engagement period and then on into marriage.  Pray that God will put a hedge around us.  Pray that we'll continue communicating and doing it well. Pray that we make proper choices in wedding planning and life planning.  Yeah... :)  I loves me some him! ^.^

Backstage. Still buzzing with happiness.

The ring. He got me a pearl! This was my only wedding dream when I was younger. I always wanted a pearl engagement ring :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Leibster Award!

Well would you look at this :-)

I was tagged by Elle of My Dearest Friend for the Leibster Blog Award last week. ^.^ Huzzah!  This award is geared towards introducing you to other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  I have to tag 11 bloggers, share 11 facts about myself, and then answer the 11 questions given by the person who tagged me.  So here we go :-)

Welp, it looks like I only have 6 people that fit the Leibster requirements... *shrug* That just means, if you're reading this and want to participate, I tag you too ^.^
  1. Alina @ Pin Prik'd & Hook'd
  2. Shakti @ ShaktiDove
  3. Jesse @ Well It's Okay
  4. Nicole @ Nicole Marie
  5. Jessica @ Sew in Love
  6. Tiff Ima @ Style Honestly
11 Things About Caleisha
  1. One of my favorite holidays is St. Patrick's Day for completely gushy, cheesy, lovey-dovey reasons :~)
  2. I love photography, but have been really slacking on making time to do it.  Shooting film is my favorite.
  3. My favorite shows to watch on Netflix are Bones, Heroes, and Warehouse 13... if only they'd update with the next season of Warehouse 13, I'd be so happy.  (Come on Netflix!)
  4. I like sleeping and so do my dogs.
  5. My dogs are Kiva (beagle/jack russell) and Toot (chihuahua/rat terrier).  They are serious about their relaxation time. Kiva likes to lounge in the sun and Toot has made a "cave of wonders" under my bed.
  6. My booski (yep, I did that) and I have a special text smiley.  It looks like this :~) It's for nose kisses. Once I had to fax him something at work and I put the smiley at the bottom of the page as a secret message to him. 
  7. My birthday is Feb 24 and so is my Mom's.  AND we were both born on Monday.
  8. I've had two knee surgeries, but never got crutches... They gave me an immobilizer and I had to "walk it off" lol.
  9. I love shopping in thrift stores. It actually give me great joy to realize that my whole outfit (save underclothes/socks/tights) is likely thrifted.  I strangely feel at peace in thrift stores... I'm most likely a shopaholic, but I justify it by knowing the sale days.
  10. Once a friend and I drove to Birmingham for a poetry show on just enough gas to get there.  So we had to sell poetry books to make enough money to get us home.  It was a great night!
  11. I am very much in to DIY, handmade, homemade things.  I crochet, sew, refashion clothes, & knit a bit... I have been known to refinish furniture and reupholster chairs.  
 11 Questions from my Tag-er Elle (My Dearest Friend)
  1. Name one of your obsessions.
    I'm obsessed with... buying yarn and fabric.  I literally have to avoid that section of the store & if I do venture there I have to seriously ask myself 'Caleisha are you REALLY going to use this yarn in the next few weeks?'  She almost always says "Of course I am! And I dont have this color or this fiber! We NEEEEED to BUYYYYY it!" And drops 3 balls in the basket... *shame face*
  2. Cats or Dogs
  3. What was the most life changing moment in your life?
    Umm... I didn't know it at the time, but it would have to be my first date with Lamar.
  4. Most recent epic fail, haha.
    My last show poetry performance.  I was really anxious about the piece and had a panic attack in the middle of it. :(
  5. One thing you still don’t understand about anything.
    Why we need imaginary numbers. WHY?
  6. The last great book you read.
    Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  7. 5 things you couldn’t live without.
    Family/friends, Lamar, my dogs, something crafty, sunshine
  8. Most recent RAK (Random Act of Kindness) both given and received.
    Oohh... umm... I gave a student a ride to his dorm one day and I can't think of anything for received right now.
  9. Top 5 songs that describe who you were in high school.
    heh get ready for the teenage angst... Don't Let Me Get Me by Pink, Unpretty by TLC, F*cking Perfect by Pink, Broadway by Goo Goo Dolls, Family Portrait by Pink... Are you seeing the trend here... pretty much anything by Pink circa 2000-2001.
  10. Top 5 songs that describe who you are right now.
    Lucky by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat, Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, You and I by Ingrid Michaelson, Everything's Okay by Lenka, Feeling Good by Michael Buble'
  11. What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
    Honestly, I don't think I've really done anything "crazy" yet... maybe my big chop in college... I cut all my hair off. It was like a centimeter long... I was nervous that I'd look like a boy.  Which was a bit true, because I got the "are you a boy or a girl" question all summer from the kids at the boys and girls club where I worked.
 11 Questions for my Tag-ees
  1. What was the first blog you really got into reading?
  2. If you could do anything as a career what would it be?  Your bills are already paid.
  3. What was the last spontaneous thing you did?
  4. If you walked into a room right now, what song would play?
  5. What is your guilty pleasure?
  6. What book has been influential in your life? Why?
  7. How did you choose your blog title?
  8. Do you thrift? If so, what was your most awesome thrift store find?
  9. Where are you most at peace?
  10. Give us a piece of advice about anything?
  11. Where would you love to live?
So that's it! Sheesh that was long!!! Check out the ladies I've tagged.  Hopefully, we can meet some new bloggers and make some new friends through this Leibster thing :-) Have a great Thursday!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Not So Blue Monday #19: Quotable

It's been a little bit since I did a NSB Monday post... Anywho, I recently started following a lovely & inspirational lady on Instagram: DeeMoi (click for Instagram // Blog).  She normally posts thoughtful invitations on her IG pictures and today she shared her personal invitation which was "to remember who her true creative self really is."  She then went into detail about the thought behind it and one particular statement really resonated with me.  So I wanted to make it something to share with you all.

I love this. I need it poster size to put on my bedroom wall and in my office.  You should check her out. She's quite talented :)  I hope you're having a nice Monday.  I'm off to actually finish this mountain of paperwork.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Artsy-To-Do #2

Ello! Happy Friday! This is my second installment of my Artsy-to-do list... I think what I'm going to do with this idea is gather things every week and then at the end of the month show what I actually completed. Sound like a plan?  Sounds good to me.  If you find something that you think I'd like, leave me a link. I'm trying to inject as much creativity into my non-work life as possible :)

Source: The Blue Eyed Owl
Why have I never thought of printing on old book pages?!? This is so cute! ::scribbles ideas in notebook:: This is definitely a great idea for decorating the apartment that I will find in Florida. (I'm claiming that!)

Source: Ucreate
I always see things like this and say, "I should make that for Lamar."  Then I stop and try to imagine where in his man world would he put a framed embroidered conversation heart... I come up empty. Maybe I'll make it and keep in on my bookshelf... cuz I'm a girl, and can have cutesy things like this :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's on My Hook #21: Crochet Cables

Hi there!

I have been an epic slacker when it comes to completing blog posts... I have a couple that I started writing and just forgot to finish... ::slaps wrist::

Anywho, I was suppose to write this last night, but alas it didn't make it from my head to the computer. SO!  Here is my What's on My Hook post ^.^

After finishing my last hat (see it here) I decided that I actually like hats that are gathered at the top.  Plus it makes doing things like ribbing, cables, and other fancy stitches MUCH easier when you don't have to do the math of figuring out the decreases.  Maybe it's lazy... or is it??? So yeah, I wanted to make a cabled hat, so I drew up this idea:

I decided to go with the same green I used for my bow headband (see it here) and add in a stripe of lighter green.  I chained enough to get around my head and then began the 2x2 ribbing.  I made this hat as a flat rectangle and sewed up the sides at the end.  My major mistake with this piece was not taking into consideration how much ribbing/cabling condenses.  So basically the number of chains it took to get a loop the size of my head was not enough once the ribbing got going.  But by the time I stopped to check the fitting, I was already like 3 inches into the cabling.  There was NO WAY I was going to frog all that work out, so I just made another patch to fill in the additional inches. It's actually pretty seamless, not perfect, but pretty good :)  So after working all the cabling, I stitched up the side and closed the top.  I didn't do the pom pom, but I'm considering making one and attaching it to a pin or something so I can have the hat both ways.  Enough jabbering about the hat. Here it is. I hope you like ^.^

It's really cozy. I rolled the brim up because the whole hat is about 3-4 inches longer than I'd like it.  That will be addressed when I write up the pattern.  I still have to run it thru the was to soften up the yarn, but I really like it.  I also went with a regular sc border around the bottom edge instead of the reversed sc in my drawing notes because it was easier.

So that's it for What's on My Hook. ^.^  I have another hat in the works right now & I'm excited to see how it comes along. I hop you are having a wonderful Thursday.  I'll just be over here dreaming of a crochet filled peaceful weekend... Let's hope that's in store for me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Totally Awesome Blog Hop

Sooo... I'm doing something a bit different for myself... I joined the Totally Awesome Blog Hop.  Yep, I've been wanting to find new blogs to read and it seems that clicking the sponsors of the blogs I already follow is just a big circle. Anyway, the Blog Hop is hosted by four bloggers who are pretty nifty.  Between them, there's DIY, personal style, a dash of vintage, lots of colors, and some pretty cool design.  So, here's to finding some new and interesting people.

If you want to join, click the button :)  So far, there are more than 140 people on it. o.O  I'll never be bored at work again!!! lol

Chantillysongs Blog hop

Hosted by: 
Chantilly of ChantillySongs
Liz of The Blue Eyed Owl
Gentri of Gentri Lee
Sabrina of The Little Owl

So yeah, check it out. :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Artsy-To-Do #1

 Hey there! Friday's finally here!

via: modcloth
I saw this skirt while browsing Modcloth and immediately thought DIY!!!!  I've already started working it out in my head ^.^  I think I'm going to start blogging my artsy-to-do list items- meaning things I see online or offline that I want to create at some point.

What do you think?