Friday, April 10, 2015

Finally I'm Finished: Furniture Rehab Pt. 2

A couple weeks ago, I introduced you to my current furniture rehab for the backyard. [Read that post Here]  At that time I had finished the repainting phase and was heading out to choose fabric for the cushions. I went to my local fabric & craft store to browse the canvas prints and setteled on a bold stripe pattern after pulling a few options.  It's fun but not obnoxious and masculine without being boring.
DIY Patio Furniture

To make the ottoman covers, I measured the old cushions and added half an inch for seam allowance.  I ended up needing four 19"x19" squares and 8 19"x4" rectangles.  Next, was the cutting & piecing together.
DIY Patio Furniture
The original cushions were quite old and ratty.  One had a tear in it and when I took off the fabric, there was definitely a dead lizard in there.  *ugh*  Suffice it to say I thoroughly washed the foam inserts and sent them through the dryer on sanitize.
DIY Patio Furniture
I'm just realizing that I didn't take any pictures of of the cushion covers for the folding chairs... -___-  Anywho, I bought a couple throw pillows from the thrift store and took out some of the stuffing so they weren't so big.  I made two envelope style pillow covers which took me way too long... but when I finally finished them, they were pretty good looking.  When all the sewing was done, the new cushions got a few coats of waterproofer and put into place.
DIY Patio Furniture
TA-DA!!!! They are Kiva and Tootie approved!  I'm really happy with how they came out and I cannot wait until Lamar and I get to spend some time outside in the evenings. I just have to get some new citronella candles to keep those pesky skeeters away. :)
DIY Patio Furniture

DIY Patio Furniture
This is officially the completion of my first furniture refinishing on my 30 Before 30 list!  It feels really great to be able to check something off.  Originally, I only planned to do one furniture refinishing project, but I think I want to do more.  It's fun and I get to give the pieces a new life.
Lastly, I love this picture of Tootie sitting on just the edge of the cushion.  She's such a weirdo, but I love her anyway :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Baby Blanket Makin

A couple of our friends are expecting their first baby this coming May, so as is my custom, I decided to make them a gift.  First, I did a little sleuthing on their baby registry to see what colors they were fancying.  They don't know the gender of the baby yet, so the majority of the items were earth-toned.  Then, I hopped over to Biscuits & Jam to use their random stripes generator.  BTW that tool is stinkin' awesome!  I decided to go with a simple stitch to take a backseat to the stripe pattern.

Crocheting on the floor in the children's section of Barnes & Noble.

The colors I chose were green & brown, with a light and dark yarn in each.  I spent a few days working on the blanket, and when I finally got to the weaving in all the tails stage... people kept saying, "oh! are they having a boy?"  So that basically told me my color scheme was definitely NOT gender neutral... womp womp womp.  Back to the drawing board.

My next color scheme idea was to remove the dark brown and dark green and replace them.  I also wanted to add in white and grey.  These were the new options.  I posted this picture on instagram to poll which color scheme to do.  The consensus was to go with the white/grey/yellow/green option.

Left: white, grey, green, yellow
Right: white, grey, tan, yellow

So I have restarted the blanket.  I think the biggest change in the construction of this piece is my foundation row.  Normally to start a large piece like this, you chain a certain amount & then go back and stitch into the chains.  Instead of doing that, I decided to try using the chainless foundation technique.  SO. MUCH. BETTER!  I think it's fair to say, I'll be using that foundation method regularly.  :)  Wish me luck as I try to speed through this second version of this blanket.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gas Tank Empty, Blessing Tank Full

Running out of gas is one of THE most frustrating things that can happen to a driver.  Trying to get to a station asap and running out a stone's throw away from one and not being able to get the car restarted is even more frustrating.  This was me Tuesday afternoon.

I got off work early and planned to stop at walmart before heading to yoga class.  As I neared the intersection, my car puttered to a stop and I thought "uh-oh... lemme snatch across this road and stop at that 7-eleven right there!"  I was able to get the car restarted and successfully crossed over all 3 lanes. Then the light turned red... and my car turned off.  Like good night and good luck off.  I called Lamar and he was soon on the way.

I sat dead in the road for like 20 minutes, during which 2 people stopped and asked me if help was on the way, and a third actually got out of his car and pushed mine out of the road into a nearby parking lot.  Yay for good samaritans!  The whole situation had me feeling quite helpless... a damsel in distress if you will, but much less glamorous.  Lamar arrived maybe 15 minutes later with a can of gas and we were on our way home!  Hurray!

While I was in the midst of the rush hour traffic, I felt myself getting more and more anxious.  But instead of letting  my tightening chest get the better of me, I counted my blessings.

1. I got all the way over to the right lane.
2. Lamar is on spring break so he was home instead of an hour+ away in Clermont.
3. I was walking distance to a gas station.
4. I got off early so all this happened before sunset.
5. Kind strangers still exist.
6. I got some unexpected writing time.
7. After gassing up the car, Lamar and I had an impromptu pizza dinner.

What have I learned from this? Always count your blessings, and the gas light is NOT a suggestion! lol! Have a great day!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Historical Longwood, Florida in Photographs

Item number 6 on my 30 Before 30 list is "Photograph 3 historical downtown areas."  The first of my excursions was into the city of Longwood.  Inititally, I discovered Longwood while looking for a place to rent things for our wedding last year.  I accidentally turned down a road to find a quaint downtown area.  I had a wonderful hour strolling the streets and looking at the different architecture.  The only mistake I made was not taking any allergy meds before all the gallivanting, lol!  This pollen filled spring air is NO joke!  Anywho, enjoy the photos!

30 before 30 list
Here we have some signage and the Longwood Clock Tower.  I found it funny that it shows 2 different times ^.^
30 before 30 List
Near the Longwood Police station is the Hero's Park.  It's dedicated to men and women of our military and services.
30 Before 30 List

I really like the thoughtful design of this memorial.  The middle piece is meant to be a shadow.  The empty space on either side represent the World Trade Centers that are no longer there and the reflecting pool is a pentagon.  The brown piece of metal on the middle column is a piece of the WTC engraved with the date. 

30 Before 30 List
The Bradlee Mcintyre House

30 Before 30 List

Such an adorable church! I feel like the inside smells like wood polish or something... does that even make sense??  I love how all the colors pop in the first photo.  The red door and brick road and then the green trees against the awesomely blue sky.  So picturesque...

I hope you liked the photos I've chosen... to be honest, I took around 100 shots and I'm super proud of myself for being able to curate the lot down to seven. I think they communicate the historic/small town vibe I was getting while visiting.  I'm considering printing some of them for my portfolio.  Anywho, have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Create A Set: Furniture Rehab pt. 1

One of the shows that Lamar and I like watching together is Flea Market Flip.  It's a show where two teams compete to buy/refinish/sell items from the flea market.  They are given an hour to shop and a list of 3 projects to complete.  The team that makes the most profit on their re-imagined and refinished pieces wins.  It's a fun show to watch and if you haven't seen it yet, check it out.  One of the projects is called "Create a Pair" where the teams have to find pieces that don't go together and make them into a matching set.  This was my inspiration for the following project.
upcycled furniture
Before multiple cans of spray paint.
I found the two metal folding chairs at my local thrift store for $2.99 each and since they were in good condition and a convenient size, I figured they would be great for outdoor use.  Since we currently have zilch on the outdoor furniture front, these got thumbs up all around.  The other part of my 'create a set' is a couple of ottomans I found out on the curb in the trash.  The metal bases were intact, but the cushions needed some TLC.  Side note, I'm always on the look out for cool pieces that other people are throwing away.  Most times, I find that they can be revived with some cleaning and imagination.
upcycled furniture
Babe even got in on the painting fun.  Although any drippy spots are totally his fault ^.^
upcycled furniture
Before and After of my ottoman bottoms.  I really like the cream color.  Nice and neutral.  Ready for a bright cushion!

So far I have cleaned and painted the chairs and ottomans.  It's really awesome to see how a couple coats of spray paint will change up the entire look of an item.  The next step is to get the supplies together to create the cushions.  I'm thinking a bold stripe fabric for a bit of fun... We'll see how it goes!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

So Shall We Ever Be

Whenever I see a sunset like this, or the sun breaks through the clouds just so, I can't help but think of Jesus returning.
For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:  Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.  1 Thessalonians 4:16-17