Friday, February 19, 2016

Orlando Museum of Art

Back when I lived in Huntsville I would pass the art museum all the time, but never went in to see any of the exhibits.  In hindsight I was totally slacking because admission was heavily discounted for students.  So when I moved to Orlando, I didn't want to make the same mistake and added visiting the Orlando Museum of Art to my 30 Before 30 list.

Women of Wisdom National Geographic Photographers on Assignment Orlando Museum of Art
National Geographic Women of Vision: Maggie Steber, Kitra Cahana, Amy Toensing, Carolyn Drake, Diane Cook, Lynn Johnson, Beverly Joubert, Jodi Cobb, Stephanie Sinclair, Erika Larsen and Lynsey Addario

A couple weeks ago I finally went!  There was an exhibit called 'Women of Vision' displaying work of various female National Geographic photographers.  It was amazing!  I found myself walking from photo to photo imagining what it was like to capture.

Orlando Museum of Art National Geography Women of Vision Lynn Johnson "In the Footsteps of the Apostles" March 2012 Odisha, India
Lynn Johnson "In the Footsteps of the Apostles" March 2012 Odisha, India
Orlando Museum of Art National Geography Women of Vision Maggie Steber "The Secrets of Sleep" May 2010 Miami, Florida
Maggie Steber "The Secrets of Sleep" May 2010 Miami, Florida

When I was in college, I majored in photojournalism, but as I went through the classes, I started feeling like it was only news reporting style photography.  So I drifted away from it and towards the more artistic studio photography.  Walking through the exhibit really reawakened my interest in photojournalism. 

Orlando Museum of Art National Geography Women of Vision Stephanie Sinclair "Too Young to Wed" Haijah, Yemen
Stephanie Sinclair "Too Young to Wed" Haijah, Yemen

The photos were more storytelling and anthropological in style.  It was awesome for me and I kept saying to myself, "This! This is what I wanted to do!"  It was great to find that connection.  I want to take that inspiration and use it towards the photo stories that I want to shoot more of.  I just have to find the stories to tell.

Orlando Museum of Art National Geography Women of Vision Beverly Joubert "Lessons of the Hunt" 2007 Botswana
Beverly Joubert "Lessons of the Hunt" 2007 Botswana

In addition to the Women of Vision exhibit, I also visited the African art collection which was very inspirational color and design wise.  I think my favorite pieces were the love note necklaces.  I think it would be awesome to design something using the colors/meaning for Lamar.  Hmm... anniversary/birthday gift maybe?? I think I'll start planning! ^.^

Orlando Museum of Art Art that Speaks Exhibition African Art Love Note Necklaces Zulu Xhosa South Africa
Zulu & Xhosa Love Note Necklaces - Art that Speaks Exhibition
 The last section I visited was the contemporary art.  My art lovin' heart jumped out of my chest and danced around the room and then my body followed!  I'm so glad I was alone in the exhibit.  I'm pretty sure I twirled! lol! I loved the colors and there was so much energy in the pieces.  Everything was gorgeous eye-candy.  The photo below is of one piece that drew me in straightaway.  The motion in it was... mesmerizing. Unfortunately, in all my awe, I forgot to make a note of the artist.

Orlando Museum of Art Contemporary Art Paintings
Contemporary art pieces at Orlando Museum of Art

Orlando Museum of Art Contemporary Art Paintings and Sculpture
Contemporary art pieces at Orlando Museum of Art
After I'd been there for a couple hours, my friend Cherie came by and we went back through Women of Vision.  On my second go through, I felt like an excited butterfly zipping all around ^.^  The last thing we did was stop in the gift shop and snap a couple pictures of the statue installation outside.

Orlando Museum of Art Horizons Sculpture by Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir
Horizons Sculpture by Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir

It was an awesome trip and definitely something I'm going to do again.  One more thing to check off my list! Woot Woot!!  I'm hoping to be half way through the 30 Before 30 list by my birthday.  So that leaves me 4 days to finish 3 more items o.O  EEP!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Cozies and a Cowl

I am currently languishing beneath these two crochet projects... I want them to be finished soo badly, but they're such slow going!  The first is a large order of Beauty & the Beast themed cup cozies.  I have five or so left to make and then on to sewing on the contrasting details.  They are really cute and all, but man oh man are they quite boring to crochet!  lol!

crochet cup cozy beauty and the beast theme belle's gown yellow yarn disney

The pattern is very simple.  Just 12 rounds of single crochet with 30 stitches per round.  I decided to work in joined rounds instead of a spiral because sometimes I slip into auto pilot and would totally lose count while spiraling.  Originally, I was going to crochet a chain with the darker yellow and attach it around the cozy body, but I didn't like how it looked.  So after a bit of brainstorming, I decided to switch to two strands.  I think it looks much better.  Wish me speedy fingers as I need to get these finished this week!

crochet cup cozy beauty and the beast theme belle's gown yellow yarn disney

The second project that is loooooming overhead is a hooded cowl with ears.  I started working on this a few weeks ago and got all the way through the cowl part and into the hood... only to realize that it was going to be too small.  So I had to frog the whole thing out and start over again.  Something about frogging and restarting a project really takes the wind outta your sails -___-  Anywho,  this is how far I've gotten in the reboot.

crochet hooded cowl with ears fox ears handmade winter accessory
I'm working from an inspiration photo my friend sent me (-via Ravelry-).  I originally wanted to make the piece out of a super bulky yarn, but I couldn't find any in the right color.  So I'm holding 2 strands of red heart worsted together.  Even though the yarn is very thick, it still is slow going.  I just wish these projects would go faster so I can start on other things!

This experience has shown me that when I commit to projects like these I need to try my best to knock them out immediately.  Since they're been in progress so long I'm really losing my steam behind them, but I have to finish.  I need to get re-motivated.

I know that after I finish these pieces, I'm taking a nice break from crocheting anything for other people.  I've been doing more daydreaming and project planning for things I want to make myself.  I just need to get these done in order to start those new things.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Lazy Natural: Two-Strand Twist Up-Do

Hi there!

Just after Christmas I went to get my hair straightened and trimmed.  While chatting with my stylist, I mentioned that I wanted to do better with styling my hair regularly.  She gave me a couple ideas (which I tried and have failed at so far).  So instead of just giving up on the styling front, I decided to give it another shot.

This past Sabbath, I did a "twist & pin" style.  I twisted my hair around to create a crown-like situation and it actually looked nice!  So to remember what I did for the future and as proof that I CAN style my hair, I filmed a little video.  I'm quite proud of the outcome this time as well.  Enjoy! (That thumbnail tho ugh! lol)

Now I am on the hunt for more styles to do with my twisted hair.  I feel my confidence creeping up!  Yay! 

natural hair styling two-strand twist updo 4c 4b hair kinky curly

Friday, February 12, 2016

January 2016: Month in Review

Two Thousand and Sixteen!! O.o  I'm thanking God for bringing my family and friends safely into the new year, while at the same time praying for His continued protection, because to say that this world is getting crazy - is quite the understatement!

Anywho, this post is SO late!  But I promise I have a good excuse - I was super sick at the beginning of the month and couldn't be bothered to get out of the bed :(  Poor me...  I'm currently back on my feet, though not 100% I'd give myself a good 80-85%.  Well let's check out my goingson from January!

1/2 - During the youth service after church each of us was to write a nice note to someone else in the room.  Mine, of course, noted how creative and crafty I am. ^.^

1/10 - My grandma had her retirement celebration!  35 years of service!  I'm glad I was able to go and spend the weekend with her.

1/13 - I stop, dropped, and yoga'd in Barnes & Noble.  My heart ended up racing when a lady walked into the aisle as I was holding my warrior 3 pose.  EEP!

barnes and noble, bookstore, reading, yoga, yoga anywhere, warrior 3, warrior pose

1/15 - The first Coffee & Crochet meetup with Brianna at Axum Coffee.  It was awesome!  We sat in the coffee shop for hours talking and crocheting and sipping our yummy chai lattes.

coffee&crochet, crochet in public, crochet with friends, axum coffee, winter garden florida

1/17 - I had a down day and to combat it, Lamar came home and suggested we do some stargazing in the backyard.  It was just what I needed.  I have the best husband EVER!

1/21 - I recorded and posted my December Daily flip through video for YouTube.  And I got 2 comments! (you can watch the video -here-)

1/23 - Lamar and I went to the SAK comedy lab with my coworkers from the studio.  It was pretty cool.  I kinda want to take an improv class now.  We'll see.

sak comedy lab, improv comedy, comedy, orlando florida

1/29 - I spent the afternoon wandering about the Orlando Museum of Art.  Cherie came by after work and we had a fun time gallivanting around the museum.

orlando museum of art, omart, women of vision, national geographic female photographers, photography, art, modern art, african art

1/30 - Instead of a regular Sabbath lunch, Lamar, myself, and a few friends had a picnic and it was SUCH a pleasant afternoon!  Def something that I want to do again... just with more people :)

Throughout the Month
I really got into watching knitting podcasts on YouTube this month.  Well crafty podcasts... I am still on the hunt for a crochet focused one.  I might have to start it myself.

January Goals Recap
Fail on all accounts...  But I'm ok with that because I did so many other thing.

February Goals
1. Finish up all outstanding crafty projects.
2. Document my birthday #caleishaturns30
3. Revisit Kwanzaa
4. Work on Mom's scrapbook
5. Do one photo story

Well peeps, I'm about halfway through February at this point... we'll see how these goals go ^.^  I believe in myself!

What was your favorite part of January?  Are you looking forward to anything cool in February?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Story Time: Grandma's Retirement Celebration

Last month (January 10th), my family came together to celebrate my Grandma's retirement!  She has worked with the Bethany Child Development Center for the last 35 years.  She's such a hard worker ^.^   It was awesome to see how far-reaching my Grandma's work was.  She touched so many families within the church and in the community and I'm so blessed to be able to call her MY Grandma.  Anywho, instead of writing a long post about the ceremony, I decided to share some photos from the program. You even get to see some of her spunkiness in a few of the photos.  I always joke that the women in my family have no "act-right" and I totally love that about her.  So yeah, enjoy a snippet of my Grandma Addie's retirement celebration!

My Aunt, Grandma, & Mom

Grandma sang 'To God Be the Glory".  I can't say I've ever heard her sing before.  I was a teary mess :)

Grandma and her daughters
Three Generations ^.^

Enjoy your retirement, Grandma!