Tuesday, March 8, 2016

February 2016: Month in Review

I am actually a bit sad that my birthday month is over... it was a good one though!  Lots of memories made and good times with friends/family spent.  So here are the highlights!

2/5: Delaware got a bunch of snow near the end of January and beginning of February and my dad kept sending me pictures.  So I asked him to build me a snowman, and he did!  Little things like that are why he's such a cool dude :)

2/14:  Even though Lamar said we weren't going to do anything for Valentine's since we were having a few big things for my birthday, I couldn't let the day pass without doing something for him.  I surprised him with a few balloons and handmade cards when he got home from work.

 valentine's day simple gift diy easy gift balloons handmade cards

2/16: I did aerial yoga for the first time (at Altamonte Springs Yoga) and loved it!  Post and photos coming soon!

2/18: I finally finished the yellow cup cozies!!!!  I feel like those were everlasting!

2/20: We had a Frimily (Friends and Family) Sabbath lunch for my birthday!  It felt really good to have a house full of people that love me come together to hang out and spend time.  And Brianna and I baked cupcakes.  They were delish.  I may have eaten cupcakes, I mean... sugar muffins... for breakfast the next day... lol!

2/21: We went to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure!

universal studios islands of adventure orlando florida
 universal studios islands of adventure orlando florida 

2/24:  I. Turned. Thirty!  Since I was the only person off work on that day, I decided to go hiking in Wekiwa Springs and eat at a few random restaurants.

2/25: One night about a month ago I helped one of the librarians straighten a bunch of paintings in the library and asked her about showing my photography in the library.  I found out, on this day, that I will be showing my downtown photography series in the library during July ^.^

2/26:  I ventured into the magical world of Ikea with Brianna o.O It was pretty awesome.  I could definitely see myself shopping there more if only the traffic around it wasn't so crazy.

ikea orlando florida

2/28:  A couple friends of ours had their baby shower and I was their photographer. It was a beautiful set up and they had a lot of fun.

2/29:  Leap Day!  Last leap day I started this blog ^.^ It's been an interesting four years between "blog birthdays."  Sometimes I kind of lose sight of what I want this blog to be, but it's really taken me on an adventure.

Throughout the Month
I have been really enjoying using my Bible app and Abide prayer app this month.  If you are interested in a really good prayer app, Abide is one.  It gives you a daily prayer each morning and you can browse through the prayers topically as well.  I've been loving the social aspect of the Bible app.  I have been creating images using verses I like as I've been reading.  Both apps let me share things to facebook which is kinda like a bit of ministry for me :)

February Goals Review
1.  Finish up all outstanding crafty projects. (I finished the cup cozies, but I'm still working on the hooded cowl... still... working)
2.  Document my birthday #caleishaturns30 (I took soo many pictures! I'm so glad I hashtagged because I can see the pictures that my friends took at Universal too.)
3.  Revisit Kwanzaa (I didn't do this one.  I considered it but then just decided against it.)
4.  Work on Mom's scrapbook (I made the cover page.  She and I had a great facetime conversation wherein she told me all the memories behind a lot of the photos she sent me.)
5.  Do one photo story (I didn't exactly plan for this to be a photo story, but all the photos I shot while hiking in Wekiwa Springs Park made a nice "Walk with Me" story.  Which I will show soon.)

March Goals
1.  Design a shawl
2.  At least 2 date nights with Lamar
3.  Yoga once per week
4.  Do a downtown shoot (Orlando or Mt. Dora)
5.  Read at least 1 book

Well peeps ^.^ That was my February!  What were your February highlights?  Share with me please and have a wonderful day!

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