Thursday, September 22, 2016

Just a Little Life Update

I promise I want to write on here lol!  I've just been absolutely terrible at executing the blogging plans I've been writing.  I mean, I plan out what posts I want to do for a few weeks and what photos I'll need for them, and then I just don't follow through. -___-  I'm ashamed of myself... especially after my recent declaration to be a better blogger.

Anywho, I decided that instead of writing one of my many planned post ideas today, I would do a little life update.  What have I been up in the last month or so?  August and thus far into September have been quite busy for me.  I've been getting more hours at the studio which means I've had to get up and ride to work with Lamar so I would have the car.  I have been doing SO MUCH DRIVING!  Literal hours every day I have to work and it's very taxing.  But hey, do it for the money right?  I am going to be the happiest person ever when we get a second car, but I'm thankful for the one we have because it has been the champ, carting me back and forth from Apopka to Clermont to Orlando and back again (even though it's a total gas guzzler).  So yeah, lots of car time has been going on, which means I've had lots of time to listen to knitting podcasts and dream of new projects. 

Let's see, what else can I tell you about the last month and a half...
- I've gone to knit night at Sip & Knit twice!
- Filmed and posted my first crafting video podcast or craftcast as I've dubbed it. (click -here- to go watch it)
- Finished my first knitted garment (a teeny baby sweater *.*)
- Discovered a new yarn shop in Clermont... just a lovely explosion of artsy yarny goodness!
- Purchased and received some beautiful yarns
- Survived singing in our small (and I mean tiny) young adult "choir"... does a group of 6 or 7 count as a choir??  Anyway, staying in that alto lane is quite the struggle.
- Expanded my garden to include collard greens and they are growing really well!  I should've planted greens a long time ago! They are just boosting my garden-ego like none other!

So yeah, that's my recent history in a nutshell.  Early mornings, late nights, driving, working, yarn... adulting.  Hopefully, I can get myself back into the swing of posting regular content up here.  If you are still following and reading this blog, what kind of posts would you like me to do?  What topic would you like me to write about or projects you'd like to see?  Please let me know!

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  1. I'm curious about this Clermont yarn shop. Small businesses are


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