Sunday, July 14, 2013

How to Fix a Nail: DIY ^.^

Hiii! I must admit this will be a pretty random post (aside from the fact that I'm posting it at nearly 1am), but I've been playing around with the idea of writing this quick DIY up.

I broke my index finger nail earlier after church and really really really didn't want to cut it.  For whatever reason, I just couldn't get down with the having a nubby nail... I mean, all the others are at this really ideal length.  So if you find yourself in this sad boat, try this fix.
  • 'Glue' the break with clear nail strengthener (super glue will work too, I just didn't have any *shrug*). When it's dry, paint the whole nail bed with 2 coats of strengthener, but don't wait for the first coat to dry. (It should be kinda thick and tacky).
  • Take the cotton ball and tap it over the break.  The fibers will get stuck in the polish.  I did this a few times and patted it down with my finger.
  • Let it dry and then trim the overhanging fibers.
  • (Optional) To make it extra strong, I took a toothpick and put a thin layer of gorilla glue over the break area, waited a little bit, and then painted over the whole shebang again with the strengthener. 
  • After it all dried, the extra layers of glue/polish smoothed out the cotton fibers, so you couldn't see or feel them.
  • Repaint your patched nail! Huzzah!!
Ta-Da!! Good as new ^.^
Yay! Happy nails!


  1. genius. what nail strengthener do you use? for a while I used some stuff by opi, which was great, but also wicked expensive for the teensy quantity.

    1. It's the hard as nails strengthener from walmart. nothing fancy really.


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