Sunday, November 15, 2015

October 2015: Month in Review

Here it is... about 2 weeks late.. better late than never I suppose. So October, there were a couple high points of this month.  The first being a visit from my dad :)  We celebrated a couple birthdays and I did a good bit of baking.  Here's the rundown of what Calli did during October!

10/2 : Dad Visited & I baked chess pie and lemon cake

10/3:  Sheree's Salsa Soiree birthday party.  I took lots of cute photos of all the dancing.

10/5: World Teacher Day.  There are too many teachers in my family for me to let this day pass quietly ^.^

10/8: This was my first attempt at making macarons.  It was a fail.  But still tasty.

10/13: Second attempt at making macarons.  Total yummy success! Check out the blog post -here-!

10/15: Made gifts for my bosses at work for Boss' Day.  They loved them ^.^

10/16: Started scrapbooking my birthday photos.  Here's a couple of the layouts.

10/20: I went to Lamar's girl's volleyball team's last game.  They lost, but I had a good time watching.

10/22: This day I decided to do December Daily and started to plan how I want to do it.

10/24:  A couple of our friends had their baby gender reveal. It's a boy!  Lamar and I had lots of fun taking pictures of the party.

10/26: I had a long conversation with my cousin Dawn about crocheting and life.  It was a nice surprise phone call :)

10/29: I finished a baby gift set for one of my college friends.  It came out really pretty.

10/30: Dad sent me a couple fall pictures from Delaware.  Be still my heart!

10/31: Lamar and I celebrated his friend Paul's birthday.  We took pictures there and I made the party favors!

Throughout the Month
1. I finished my One Landscape photo story. Check it out -here-

2. We started gearing up for the holiday season in the studio.  Christmas backgrounds were coming out more often and holiday decorations were starting to pop up around the mall.

3. I did some mini-hauls while building my December Daily kit.  I'm so excited to try my hand at this project!

October Goals Review
1. Photostory: One Landscape - DONE!
2. Etsy live by Nov 1 - I decided to cancel this because there was way too much other stuff going on.  Etsy will happen one day.  Maybe in the new year.
3. Less Eating Out - Fail... Def didn't make food for lunch or anything -___-
4. Yoga once a week - Nope.  This was not even on my mind.  I'll do better.
5. Finish 3 books - DID IT!  I'm really working towards my 30before30 reading goal. I'm currently half way there. I think I can do it!

November Goals
1. 2 weeks of water/tea/100% juice only
2. Photostory: Photo-an-Hour
3. Get a handle on & maintain laundry
4. YO... flippin... GA...
5. Finish 3 books

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