Friday, December 4, 2015

November 2015: Month in Review

11/1: Fall back... bye bye daylight savings!

11/3: I got a bunch of free 4x4 prints from photobucket!  WIN!!!

11/8: Half way through making 'Calli's Christmas Afghan' (click -here- for progress shots)

11/9: I read the graphic novel "Page by Paige" in one sitting.  It was great!  Awesome artwork too.

11/11: Date Day with Lamar at the Orlando Eye. (blog post -here-)

11/14: We went to Lamar's school to see the Beauty & the Beast musical.

11/21: Received my shutterfly free 4x6 order

11/23: Had a nice date night walking through lit up downtown Winter Garden.

11/26: Thanksgiving! We had a great evening with family and friends.

Throughout the Month

1. Did quite a bit of scrapbooking.
2. During the week of the 15th-21st, I watched Rent (totally and in part) 4 times thanks to the fact that my dear husband kept falling asleep.
3. Got a LOT of reading done! 6 books! Most of them were shorter graphic novels, but a book is a book!  I'm 5 away from my goal!

November Goals Review
1. 2 weeks no soda - DONE!
2. Yoga - Nope... I just need to stop putting this on the list. -___-
3. Finish 3 books - DONE!
4. Control and maintain laundry - Done-ish... I got all the laundry done, but when I was putting it away I ran outta space :( So now I'm a bit backed up again.  *shrug* I tried.
5. Photostory: Photo an hour - DONE! I'll share it soon.

December Goals
1. Complete December Daily
2. Complete Capture December Photo a day
3. At least 2 date nights with Lamar
4. Finish 3 books
5. Celebrate Kwanzaa with friends

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