Friday, May 17, 2013

The Gallivanting Files: Exploring Clermont

Sooo... Tuesday I was suppose to go downtown and traipse around with my camera all big hair and nice outfit and such.

However,  Mr. Lamar threw a monkey-wrench into the plan by asking me to help get his car to the dealer.  (It's not broken, they did a recall or something so he needed to take it in to get the part changed.)  So I rolled out of the bed at like 6:30am, chucked some pants and a sweatshirt on and went on to drive to his school... like 30 mins away in clermont...  Needless to say, I wasn't about to drive all the way back to the house and then all the way into orlando. So instead, I spent the day exploring clermont.  I walked around for a couple hours in historic downtown, wondering about in a few antique/vintage shops and the local bakery (where I bought a couple cupcakes to surprise Lamar with ^.^) Then I walked down along Lake Minneola.

Of course I found like 3 thrift stores in the area and got a couple things I've been needing, so they were good trips. I snagged these things:
  • blue sundress (currently being shortened and altered)
  • leopard print sundress (also being shortened and altered)
  • a forest green skirt
  • 2 books about stress management and relaxation
  • 2 vintage handkerchiefs
  • 2 pairs of black church shoes (my favorite ones finally bit the dust last week... it was a sad day)
  • 2.5 yards of floral fabric (for circle skirt making!)
  • a pack of knitting pattern cards (I WILL LEARN TO KNIT!!)
  • a photo album
  • a green brooch
(Thrifty winning!)

After Lamar got off work, we picked up his car and then went on to Lake Eola in orlando.  It was really nice walking around the lake together.  The last time we did that was the first time I came down to FL. 

So now, prepare yourself for the photo dump ^.^
Lake Minneola- Such a frickin beautiful day!

Lake Minneola- I wanted to find somewhere to put my feet in, but couldn't... maybe next time.

Random pretty flowers along the sidewalk :)

More flowers- I love the bright colors!

I told Lamar I want to do pictures in this grove of trees.  It's like the gateway to another world in there!

This has to be THE most FABULOUS turtle EVER!  He's balancing on a root with all 4 feet in the air... talent.

We're definitely going to take some photos here.  This is down by Lake Eola.  That's Lamar's cool pose. :) *chuckle*


  1. Ick, car repairs always get in the way of perfect day plans. Looks like you ended up having a great time with all the thrifting and sight seeing at the lake. :)

  2. Circle skirts are so feminine. Can't wait to see your creation and how stunning you look in it!
    Do you think that turtle got himself there? My dad said that when he was a kid people used to stick turtles on fence posts. The poor things would just sit there, perched on their bellies, unable to push themselves off. Just thinking about it actually makes me a bit nauseous. How could anyone be so mean to a turtle.


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