Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wedding Sundays #1: We Have Colors!

Picking our wedding colors was pretty fun.  Lamar & I knew we wanted spring green in the scheme somewhere, but other than that we were an open book.  In comes good ol' Google! I searched "summer wedding color schemes with green" and after a.lot.of.scrolling. through the images, Lamar spotted this picture:

He immediately liked it.  So we went with the navy and spring green as our first colors.  Then we added in a pastel yellow and a bright yellow for accents.  After a couple days we sorta flipped it around and now the navy is moreso the accent color with the yellows and green as the main colors.

One of my favorite parts of choosing colors was the fact that it gave me an excuse to traipse off to Wal-mart and get ALL the paint chips!  (crafter happy dance moment)  All de colors!!!!!  Not only did I get the paint chips in our colors... I also used my heart shaped paper punch to cut them into a bazillion hearts *.*

I know... I totally had a compulsive craft moment. What can I say?  I made this:

 Ta-Da! Wedding color paint chip crafty bits! Yaaaaay!  So yeah, those are our colors :)


  1. Sweet, happy moments to treasure in your memories!

  2. Beautiful! I remember picking out colors. I did the exact same thing and packed my purse full of paint chips hehehe
    Can't wait to see more of your day come together :D


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