Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Whoa Wednesday!!

I can not believe that it is only Wednesday!  Imagine me dragging myself up the hill that is humpday.

That's how I feel.  I've been getting a lot more hours at the studio last week and this week due to a bit of understaffage, but I'm totally not complaining. :)  I'm just suuuper tired.  I feel like right now the only thing keeping me awake is the grande peppermint mocha I had this morning.  By the way, yummy! Plus it tasted like roasted marshmallows... but maybe I was hallucinating from sleepiness... *shrug*

Anywho, this past Monday was my 28th birthday and... yeah... what else can I say about that?  I worked all day & ended up leaving the studio super late almost in tears because I missed my bday dinner with Lamar because people wanted to be ridiculous with their pictures.  But what can I do.   I had someone ask me if she could bring her own camera in, have me take pictures with it in our studio, charge her "regular", and then she will put the pictures on her computer... I wish you could see the look on my face.  Seriously lady?!?  No... THEN I had a lady who wanted to do a fourth outfit change for her 16 year old after my next TWO appointements had shown up.  How can people have so little concern for other people's time??  I dont understand.

Yesterday I worked another full day... and the craziness did not cease.  I had a guy come in and ask (with a straight face) if we sold babies.  I was so confused, but since I was tired and counting down the hours til I could clock out, I answered him without laughing. It went something like this:
Crazy Guy: Hello.  Um... I would like a son and a daughter please.
Me: What?
CG: I would like a son and a daughter.  Don't you sell babies?
Me: No. ::raises eyebrow & looks around for Ashton Kutcher::
CG: Well... I really need a son and a daughter.
Me: You should get married.
CG:I am. We already have a daughter, but I want a couple more kids.
Me.: I'm sure your wife can help you out with that.
CG: Yeah! She's in too.  We'd like a son and a daughter... and a #1.
Me: I'm sorry. We don't sell babies here. If you bring your own babies I can take pictures of them.
CG:  When would they come back?
Me: The PICTURES of the babies YOU BRING will be back on the 14th.
CG: I'm really upset that you don't sell babies, but since you were so nice I wont complain to your supervisors. I hope they pay you $30 an hour.

Then he proceeded to walk around the studio looking at the camera room and whatnot and made an appointment for 4 couples to take pictures.  He's coming in tonight.  Allegedly...

Now it's Wednesday.  So far so good.  My lunch break is over and I'm about to be totally swamped with appointments tonight, but luckily I'm not alone so the crazies shouldn't come out in full force like the last couple days.  I'll probably update this after I get off tonight.

Pray church!
---------------------------------- UPDATE ----------------------------------

So the crazy "do you sell babies" guy turned out to be a PASTOR! WHAAAT?!?!?!
Evidently, this is the life I lead...

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  1. DWL at the fact that he was a pastor!! smh… even though you told me this story already, reading the dialogue of the convo made it even funnier! Gotta love crazy folk. They can't help themselves!


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