Friday, May 9, 2014

My Furry Friend Tag

(Because... why not?)

A while ago I saw Claire, from HeyClaire on YouTube, do the My Furry Friend Tag about her cat Bruce and of course this was my response, "Yes!!! A perfectly reasonable opportunity to write about my dogs!!"  Buuut who really needs an excuse, right? ;-)

There are 9 questions in this tag and there will also be a slighly obscene amount of doggy photos in this post... Just a heads up ^.^  Anywho, let's get it!

1. What's you pet's name?
My pets are named Kiva Antionette and Tootie Lashay.  I have a thing about names.  I want names that have meaning.  Kiva is a Hebrew name that means protected.  I decided go with that name because a few months before I got Kiva, I had a whippet mix named Yanis (gift of God) for a couple days.  Unfortuanately, it turned out that Yanis had parvo and only lasted a few verrrrry sad days before he passed.  So needless to say, I was nervous that my next dog would have some ailment or another and I wanted her to be 'protected'.  Yep. That's the story.  Oh, and my best friend named her Antionette because she wanted to call her Toni for short... She's never called her Toni.

 Tootie on the other hand was named by her first owner and yeah... Tootie Lashay...  Early on, I wanted to change her name, but Lamar told me not to because he started calling her 'Toot a la poo' or something like that, lol.  So Tootie she is and shall stay.

2. What kind of pet and what breed?
They're both dogs... but I think you may have figured that out already...

Kiva is a beagle/jack russell mix.  Tootie is a chihuahua/rat terrier mix... maybe.  If you're good at calling dog breeds... let me know what you think she is :)

3. How long have you had your pet?
I have had Kiva for maybe 5 years and Toot for 3-ish.  I'm terrible at keeping track of these things *shrug*

4. How did you get your pet?
I adopted Kiva from the pound in Huntsville.

Tootie's gotcha story is my favorite ^.^  Basically, I was dog-sitting for a coworker while she was moving into a new apartment.  She was only suppose to be with me for a couple weeks, but as it unfortunately happens sometimes, the girl never came back for her.  I called her when Toot chewed up ALL my high heels and she promised to come get her at the end of the week... I have still not heard from her.  Good thing she left Tootie with me, because she could've easily ended up a stray or a pound puppy.

5. How old is your pet?
Here is another one of those questions that I'm not really sure about... Since I adopted Kiva I'm not sure how old she is really.  I'd say she is roughly 6ish.  Tootie is probably going on 4 maybe... I could be totally wrong tho. Meh...

6. What are some quirky things about your pet's personality?
These two dogs are so full of quirks its crazy!  Kiva use to have super bad separation anxiety when I first got her and now whenever I come home she cries and runs around to find something to hold in her mouth like a pacifier.  She also will push your hand up and down her belly if you stop rubbing her.  Very bossy...  Kiva is suuuper guilty... like all the time, whether she's done something or not.  If you ask her if she's sorry she makes the most pitiful looking sad face ever! It makes it really hard not to laugh when she actually gets in trouble.  She also likes to snuggle with whatever yarn ball I'm currently using.

Tootie is a grimlin.  She LOVES cave-like spaces.  Under the bed, behind the clothes in the closet, under tables, under chairs, down almost under the car seat.  She has even tried to get down by the pedals in the car.  Tryna kill us all... sigh.  She also likes feet.  She will lay next to your foot and cuddle it like a wierdo :)  She also likes to get up on Lamar's shoulder when he's driving and look out the window.  I'm always a little nervous that she's gonna fall out.


7. What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?
There is something about coming home and having super excited dogs jumping up and down like you're the best person in the world!  Kiva is very sensitive and will come lay next to me if I'm sad or crying. Tootie just makes me laugh a lot.

8. What are your favorite past times with your pet?
Dog parking & cuddles mostly.  I use to take Kiva hiking when we lived in Alabama and that was fun.  I need to find somewhere down here to take these pups a-gallivantin'.

9. What are the nicknames you call your pet?
Kiva-diva, Keevee, Kivanator, Stinker, Pretty girl.
Tootie-bootie, Tootles, Toots boots, Grimlin, Little one.

If you have pets, you should do this too. It was fun answering the questions and thinking back over the years of having these two pups.  Now for more pictures!  Huzzah!
official blanket testers
any crochet thing laid out is automatically her spot
cuddle-bug extraordinaire

this is how grimlins sleep lol

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