Wednesday, October 7, 2015

About a Stressball

Near the beginning of the year I had a short conversation with my mother-in-law about my struggles with anxiety.  Now while I understand that anxiety is just something I deal with, and I've found various ways of working through moments, it is by NO means something I want to go into detail with my mother-in-law... Just a wee bit embarrassing. But she listened and said, "well, I'll get you a stressball."  I went away from the conversation and didn't think about it anymore.

A few weeks ago, she came up to me at church with a bag.  She said, "I know you think I forgot, but I was talking to a teacher at work who also has the same 'problem' as you.  She suggested trying these things to help."  In her gift bag was a can of cashews, coconut oil, a notepad and little box for prayers and worries, and finally a stressball.  It was so thoughtful! And of course, in true Caleisha form, I cried.

I'm pretty sure that was the moment I really believed that my in-laws love me.  It's a pretty great blessing to have in-laws that care about you and feel like family.  I mean, you always hear or see things like 'monster-in-law' and other crazy depictions of in-laws. People are always warning, "remember you're marrying the person and the family..."  I am very grateful for my new extended family.  They've been such a blessing as Lamar and I start out in this married thing :)

So yeah... This is a story about a stressball.  And it reminds me of how much more love had come into my life!

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