Friday, February 12, 2016

January 2016: Month in Review

Two Thousand and Sixteen!! O.o  I'm thanking God for bringing my family and friends safely into the new year, while at the same time praying for His continued protection, because to say that this world is getting crazy - is quite the understatement!

Anywho, this post is SO late!  But I promise I have a good excuse - I was super sick at the beginning of the month and couldn't be bothered to get out of the bed :(  Poor me...  I'm currently back on my feet, though not 100% I'd give myself a good 80-85%.  Well let's check out my goingson from January!

1/2 - During the youth service after church each of us was to write a nice note to someone else in the room.  Mine, of course, noted how creative and crafty I am. ^.^

1/10 - My grandma had her retirement celebration!  35 years of service!  I'm glad I was able to go and spend the weekend with her.

1/13 - I stop, dropped, and yoga'd in Barnes & Noble.  My heart ended up racing when a lady walked into the aisle as I was holding my warrior 3 pose.  EEP!

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1/15 - The first Coffee & Crochet meetup with Brianna at Axum Coffee.  It was awesome!  We sat in the coffee shop for hours talking and crocheting and sipping our yummy chai lattes.

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1/17 - I had a down day and to combat it, Lamar came home and suggested we do some stargazing in the backyard.  It was just what I needed.  I have the best husband EVER!

1/21 - I recorded and posted my December Daily flip through video for YouTube.  And I got 2 comments! (you can watch the video -here-)

1/23 - Lamar and I went to the SAK comedy lab with my coworkers from the studio.  It was pretty cool.  I kinda want to take an improv class now.  We'll see.

sak comedy lab, improv comedy, comedy, orlando florida

1/29 - I spent the afternoon wandering about the Orlando Museum of Art.  Cherie came by after work and we had a fun time gallivanting around the museum.

orlando museum of art, omart, women of vision, national geographic female photographers, photography, art, modern art, african art

1/30 - Instead of a regular Sabbath lunch, Lamar, myself, and a few friends had a picnic and it was SUCH a pleasant afternoon!  Def something that I want to do again... just with more people :)

Throughout the Month
I really got into watching knitting podcasts on YouTube this month.  Well crafty podcasts... I am still on the hunt for a crochet focused one.  I might have to start it myself.

January Goals Recap
Fail on all accounts...  But I'm ok with that because I did so many other thing.

February Goals
1. Finish up all outstanding crafty projects.
2. Document my birthday #caleishaturns30
3. Revisit Kwanzaa
4. Work on Mom's scrapbook
5. Do one photo story

Well peeps, I'm about halfway through February at this point... we'll see how these goals go ^.^  I believe in myself!

What was your favorite part of January?  Are you looking forward to anything cool in February?

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