Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Lazy Natural: Two-Strand Twist Up-Do

Hi there!

Just after Christmas I went to get my hair straightened and trimmed.  While chatting with my stylist, I mentioned that I wanted to do better with styling my hair regularly.  She gave me a couple ideas (which I tried and have failed at so far).  So instead of just giving up on the styling front, I decided to give it another shot.

This past Sabbath, I did a "twist & pin" style.  I twisted my hair around to create a crown-like situation and it actually looked nice!  So to remember what I did for the future and as proof that I CAN style my hair, I filmed a little video.  I'm quite proud of the outcome this time as well.  Enjoy! (That thumbnail tho ugh! lol)

Now I am on the hunt for more styles to do with my twisted hair.  I feel my confidence creeping up!  Yay! 

natural hair styling two-strand twist updo 4c 4b hair kinky curly


  1. I watched your tutorial!! Nice job friend! Super simple, but still very nice style! Love you!



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