Friday, March 22, 2013

Goodwill Clearance Center

I have been trying not to write another depressing post, but I can't think of anything else to write about. *shrug*  It's going on 2 weeks in Florida and some days are good, but on other days I don't want to get out of bed.  I don't have friends here.  Well, evidently I know a couple people around here, but "here" is a huge city where I'm just a speck.  

Ehh... On a lighter note, I went to the Goodwill Clearance center today. It was a completely different thrifting experience to say the least.  If you've never been to a clearance center it's a big room with large bins with clothes chucked all over in them.
There is no organization whatsoever.  No size buckets or anything... It made me nervous but was like a supercharged treasure hunt.  The clothes are sold by the pound.  $0.99 per pound.  Ah-stinkin-mazing!

While I was in there, I noticed that most of the people in the building were just standing around looking.  Now I don't know if you've been somewhere with a lot of strangers standing around suspiciously, but it makes shuffling through clothing really hard. 
Turns out, they were all waiting for the new stuff to be brought out.  And when it was it was like someone just chummed the water! Sharks to a bleeding whale! I just sat back and watched the madness.  I tried to get video but one of the cashiers stopped me.  I only got a couple seconds.
Just pay attention to the people grabbing things and forgive my shatty camera work.  It looks like they're just throwing pieces of clothing over their shoulders!  It was like a bunch of piranhas! Anyway, let me show you what I managed to get.
My total cost for 3 shirts, 3 sweaters, a dress, and 3 bags was a whopping $6.58! Crazy right?!?  Some perks of the pieces I picked: the peach sweater on the right is 100% cashmere, the blue blouse is 100% silk and the blue dress is from Ann Taylor so it could have originally cost anywhere from $40 to $60!  Oh! And the tapestry bag in the top right corner is a perfect replacement for one I thrifted a while back, but was unable to get the smoke smell out.  This one just smells a bit old. Nothing a day outside won't fix ^.^  I'm pretty proud of my first visit to a Goodwill Clearance Center.


  1. Ahhh the blue bins. Those stores are called Goodwill Outlets around here but they are just the same. The first time we went to one we just kinda stood staring, a bit shocked at how everything was happening. People actually wear gloves at ours because there is always a ton of broken glass mixed in cuz people just toss stuff around.
    Your analogy of sharks after a bleeding whale killed me! That's exactly how it is!

    So I had a thought.... would you want to Google hangout sometime?

  2. Woah, that is quite the frenzy. Haha. Too scary for me. Maybe one day I'll grow a pair and do something like that. I know we have one of those here.

    It looks like you picked up some awesome loot! It pays to be brave! Hehe <3

    - Anna

  3. This reminds me of going to the month end clearance sales at the department stores in my youth. Mama would take me with her and throw items to me to hold while she went into the fray. With 6 kids, she would just grab anything and everything she could because it would fit one of us! I learned to hold my own with the folks trying to take stuff away from me because I was a kid Looks like some things are still the same after 40 years, eh?

    Hugs as you settle in and prayers that God drops a few wonderful folks into your life, hon.

  4. Oh, Caleisha, I'm so sorry the move has been so hard on you. I know how that goes. For a while I was moving every year for my husband's work. It is rough starting over, but eventually you'll meet people and find new things that will make you feel happy in your new place. Hang in there.

    This post is so interesting to me. That thrifting piranha frenzy, gosh, that is wild! I'm not sure I'm brave enough for that yet. lol! You found some great finds though!!

    P.S. You'd be so proud of me thrifting. I've made some good finds. I'll need to do a post them one of these days to share. Your thrifting tips have been helpful! :)


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