Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The BIG Move

Hey there!  I am alive in the super sunny state of Florida ^.^

Bye Huntsville!
My room looked so big after all my stuff was out.

I made the trip from Huntsville to Orlando with Lamar a week ago Sunday.  We drove the 12+ hours toting all of my stuff and the pups.  Lucky for me, they slept the majority of the way.  Before coming up to Alabama, Lamar check out 2 copies of The Hunger Games audiobook for us to listen to on the road.  Let me tell you, the movie is completely different! The audiobook lasted us the whole trip, which was great. 

This cover is awesome! And the silly guy in the background is pretty cool too :)
We stopped the next morning in Valdosta to visit the $3 book store.  It was a reader's dream!  I got a copy of Commitment by Elizabeth Gilbert for $0.50! Whaaat? Yep $0.50!!  After leaving the bookstore, we went to an antique shop. There were a lot of pretty little things, but everything was SO expensive...

Lots of old tea tins.  Awesome, but too expensive for my tastes.
Antique working spinning wheel.  I want one SOOOOO bad!!!
Candy colored glass vases
I love colored glass. I'd like to have a collection one day. We'll see.
 We made it to the house late Monday night and unpacked the truck into storage a few days later.  So far, I've put in a couple job apps and have a strong shot at a photography position at the JC Penney portrait studio. (Please pray for blessing in that area!)  I also dropped an app at a nearby Animal Hospital.  I'd actually like both jobs. Kids and animals are great!  OK, that's it for this post, I think it's gotten long enough.  In the coming days, I plan to get settled into the guest room, put in some more applications, and make myself useful around the house (there will be much sweeping and dish washing).


  1. Hoping you're settling in well! And sending you "get the job" vibes! Love your antique store shots.

    1. Thanks Jesse! I thought of you at the antique store b/c there was a bucket of old zippers ^.^ and I remembered your huge zip score. I hope your show went well.

  2. Woohoo! Glad you made it safe and sound! So exciting! I love your little pups! So adorable! <3 Good luck with the job search! *fingers crossed* <3

    - Anna



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