Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not So Blue Monday #22: Scout's Honor!

So... today was a very productive Monday! ^.^

Outside of working from 3-7 at the studio, this was totally a WEDDING STUFF DAY!!!  ::happy dance:: Now, the reason I called this post "Scout's Honor" is because:
I promise not to let my blog become a wedding detail dumping ground. I will maintain (get back on the ball with) my regular posts.  I will not spam you with super long posts about what flowers we're thinking about or the shoes tried on.  Scout's Honor.
That being said, I don't think I'm going to have a consistent wedding post.  But maybe I will. *shrug*  It all depends on if I have cool things to talk about.

Today was super productive.  I set up try-on appointments at a couple shops for tomorrow and bought a couple magazines. Awesome. 

I mosied around David's Bridal after setting my appointment to look through the dresses and write down style numbers.  One of the consultants, looked at me and said, "I love a prepared bride!"  Woot! lol

I got home, showed Lamar my 'haul' and we spent a while flipping through the mags and inspecting the contents of the DB goodie bag.

In regular Caleisha news today, like I mentioned earlier, I worked from 3pm to close at the studio.  I'm trying to master the product knowledge and sales part of the job.  They have totally been throwing me to the wolves over the last few shifts, but it's all good. It forces me to learn.  I'm just hoping they train me on the camera room soon. I'm itching to get back behind the camera ^.^  I can't wait to start seeing photos everywhere... good ol' photographer eye lol.

The work is tiring and my throat is tight by the end of a shift from all the talking.  Sometimes I realize that I'm holding my breath or breathing really shallowly.  But I'm really loving it.  Weird right?  All the stress responses that came with hating my old jobs are brushed aside when it's with a job I'm super in to.  ^.^   

Thanks Jesus... I needed this! 

Ok... it's super late now.  It's actually past 1am.  So this is yet another Not So Blue Monday on a Tuesday *shrug* who cares??  I need to rehash my theme posts.  What should I write about?  Let me know. Thanks!  Good night


  1. It's always a lot of work (or so I've gathered tangentially hehe). The Devil's in the details, as the say. ;) Still, it's going to be a literal (well hopefully? haha) once in a lifetime experience. Savor it! :D

    - Anna


  2. Having done wedding planning in the past, it is awesome and, quite frankly, refreshing, to see you planning your special day with both organization and thrift combined. You go, girl!

    Post about whatever hits your world. Wedding stuff, craft and thrift, work, that nice young man, life, your adorable dogs, it's all good and enjoyable.



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