Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's on My Hook? #23: Granny Patchwork Blanket

Ello Friends!!

I have officially begun my 3rd crochet blanket since moving to Florida.  It's kinda funny that this has been my activity in the Sunshine state where the temp's already gotten up into the 90s... I really can't get enough of the yarny-goodness... *shrug*

Top: Delta Blue, Lime Green, Cherry Red.
Bottom: Lavender, Paddy Green, Royal, Soft Navy.
Sorry for the crappy lighting in the picture above... I guess that's what I get for settling for instagram pictures instead of reg camera ones.  Anywho, this blanket is going to be my dad's father's day gift.  So that gives me like 2 weeks to finish it.  That's totally possible. I'm doing another Granny Patchwork Blanket (you can see my first one here).

Whenever I make gifts for anyone, I tend to get really symbolic in the choices I make. For instance, since this blanket is for my dad, I was originally going to limit it to 4 colors- his, mine, & my brothers' favorite colors... but then I decided to add in the favorite colors of dad's wife and her kids. Might as well right.

So I was up super late Tuesday night figuring out the stripe patterns for the 26 total squares the blanket calls for.  It took me a while because I got a wee bit OCD and found myself making stripe patterns that told stories- like there's one that the 1st and 5th stripes are my dad's color and the 2nd-4th are me & the bros.  In my head this is the square where my dad is hugging us.  (Cheese much? lol) This is the final rundown of all the blocks.

...looks like a secret code...
Pretty much, this is my roadmap for dad's blanket.  Looks easy enough.

I also designed one for my mom using the same color concept.  Hers will have our 4 colors plus white.  I wrote out her roadmap Tuesday night, so when I finish dad's I can jump right into it if I want.

That's about it for now and of course there'll be progress shots and updates along the way.  I'm excited to get this piece underway and for my dad to get it for father's day!


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