Friday, April 12, 2013

Granny Patchwork Blanket Reveal!

Sooo.... I was planning to write this post earlier today, but that was obviously a fail, lol. It's okay though.  I hope you had a nice Friday and have good/fun plans for the weekend.  I've been very productive, so that's always good.

Now, onward to the yarny goodness!  ^.^

Monday, I showed a few progress shots of my latest blanket design and promised to have the whole thing done by today.  I'm very proud of myself because I finished it yesterday! (color me crochet addict, lol) Hurrah!  So yeah, all that's left to do is to run it through the wash to soften the yarn up.  I do this because I use a lot of red heart super saver acrylic yarn and sometimes it's not the softest fiber out there. But after a trip through the washer, it's good to go.  So there's a little tip for anyone wanting to use acrylic but worrying about the feel.
Tuesday: All squares finished and laid out
In order to get the piece finished within my time limit, I crocheted in a bunch of places.  I wish I had a Books-a-Million close by cuz I'd totally post up in there, but alas... Anyway, since Lamar started playing in a teacher's basketball league, I've been lugging my bag-o-yarn to the gym to watch the games.  I've gotten some strange looks, but maybe those strange looks will turn into sales one day...
Wednesday: Joining squares at Lamar's game
Originally, I joined with whip stitches, but I didn't like how it looked.  So I frogged it and switched to single crochet in back loops only.  Doing this left a really nice finish on the front of the blanket.

This is the blanket all joined together.  (So stinkin proud of myself for getting all the blocks joined at the bball game!)  It came out really nicely.  And I'm really feeling the nonsensical mix of colors. :)

Later Wednesday night, I got down to the business of edging the whole thing while watching American Idol...
Let me take a moment to jump on my soap box and say Candice Glover singing Lovesong killed me! Gah! She got all up in that song and made her bed!  I got chills.

Okay, back to blanket edging, lol. I did go with my first inclination of 3 granny stripe rows and one scallop and here's a progress of the edging.
Wednesday/Thursday: This was totally 2am, lol
I finished the edging at some ungodly hour of the night.  And decided to forgo weaving in the ends for now.  I hate weaving in ends...
This is me after I finished all the edging... suh-lee-py
So here is the final blanket........ drumroll please.........

Thursday morning: TA-DA!!!
Ta-da!!! I haven't measured it with the edging, but before the edging the blanket is 4'x5'.  The edging is about 3 ish inches, so final measurements of this blanket are about 4.5' x 5.5' Not bad :)  Seeing the blanket finished really makes me feel like making money from my crochetwork isn't such a far fetched idea. :) Yay.  Well that's all for now.  The next blanket I work up is going to be a tartan design.  So keep your eyes peeled for that!



  1. Dang, but this is cool. Jussayin'. Your work is beautiful and you are simply adorable. :-) hugs!

  2. Wow, that blanket is huge! I love the square within a square pattern. It's fun to look at and it's undoubtedly super snuggly! :D

    - Anna

    1. Thanks Anna! It is wonderfully snuggly ^.^


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