Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thankfulness: Christmas Day

Merry day after Christmas aka First Day of Kwanzaa: Umoja (Unity)!!!!

Yesterday was a really nice and relaxed Christmas.  I spent the day hanging out with Lamar and his family.  We watched a few movies and the boys played catch in the back yard.  See... chilled to the max. (Yep... I just thought and wrote that. >.< )

The biggest impact this Christmas had on me was an increased value of family.  I loved watching everyone enjoying the company and just being together.  We sang carols and played games and of course opened gifts.  Lamar's family does this thing where they put gifts inside boxes that don't fit the gift.  So you never know what's in them.  I really like that because there's always genuine surprise at whatever is actually there.  Which is very cool.  At one point, I started crying because I missed my family so much.  But Lamar, being ever the sweet-talker, reminded me that I'm gaining a whole new family and they love me already *.* I'm glad to be blessed to have been accepted into Lamar's family and he into mine.  It really means a lot.   Family is everything.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Much love to you!

Christmas cuddles with Lamar & Kiva.  Toot was under the bed like a grimlin ^.^

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  1. families are wonderful, aren't they. Love that portrait of yours - even missing the gremlin ;)


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