Friday, January 3, 2014

Poem 2 of 100

Hey there ^.^

Yesterday there wasn't much to write about except work was pleasant.  I had some good sales and met some nice people.  Umm... what else... I'm sort of considering joining the Mood Blanket 2014 project, but not sure if I really want to do it yet.

During our lunch break, I told my coworker Erica about my 100 Days challenge, and she chose my prompt for the day.

Here is poem 2 of 100.
Form: Free Verse
Topic: Erica

I see her
full of laughter
and kindness
and honesty
and maybe a bit less tact
than preferred

She speaks loudly
smiles often
and humors my

I think
good coworkers are hard to find
I guess I should tell her
She's a blessing

I'm not sure how I'm going to post these poems...  should I post them everyday or wait til the end of the week and post then?  I feel like that will be easier and be less like poetry spam on the blog. We'll see :)  Oh and I'm super excited that I got a few prompts from Facebook which is cool.  It's nice to have my friends involved in this project.

I hope your Friday is starting off nicely.  Peace!

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