Friday, January 31, 2014

Gallivanting Files: Diverse Word Poetry Slam

Hi there :)

Tuesday night I did something I haven't done in QUITE some time.  I went to a poetry slam with my roommate and one of her friends :)

Now I must say it started off slow and a bit... meh... but then it picked up and the poets were really awesome.  I kept feeling myself getting giddy and wanting to get up and perform something.  My mind kept flashing back to the days when I was a regular fixture on any available poetry stage.  I always participated in cyphers and could be found writing poem after poem in notebooks, on class notes, my hands, anything.  Poetry was such a huge part of my life, but for some reason a few years after graduating college, I just stopped.

You know when you were really known for something when years and years later people are still asking "Do you still write?" or saying "You should start writing again." 

The clencher for the whole evening for me was the last poet.  He was like 20 years old which made me remember being his age and totally submerged in poetry.  I could see how much his poems moved through him and how he got into them.  I miss that.  His last poem was about using your talents even when you don't feel like it.  It was along the lines of use it before you lose it.  I totally felt like he was preaching directly to me... Needless to say, I want get back into writing again.  I miss having that passion/outlet in my life.

Soo... don't be confused if I start posting random poems on here, K ^.^

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