Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Garden Update for Earth Day!

Hi there & Happy Earth Day!

Lovely cucumber little tendril :)
A bit more than a month ago I started my vegetable garden with basil, broccoli, chinese plum, cucumbers, green beans, lavender, rosemary, and spinach.  I also had lemon balm and spearmint with the intention of using them for tea.  It's definitely been a trial of patience waiting for them to sprout and get settled into the pots.

30 by 30 list
I'm glad that my cucumber, green beans, and basil plants are growing very strong.  The cucumbers have started getting the little climbing tendrils, so they should soon start growing up the trellis.  The broccoli and spinach plants are limping along it seems... they haven't given up yet :)
30 by 30 list
Look how yummy this basil looks! Strawberry basil lemonade will def be made this summer!

30 by 30 list
Cucumbers on the left & green beans on the right.  I love their big happy leaves!
Sadly, the rosemary never sprouted and the lavender has been chillin with two teenie tiny leaves for nearly 2 and a half weeks now.  I keep watering it, but I don't think it's going to make it. :(  I also made the decision to get rid of the lemon balm and spearmint plants because the tea they brewed wasn't good and I know I won't drink it.
30 by 30 list
My only surviving broccoli plant, I'm hoping it pulls through because I love fresh broccoli :)
30 by 30 list
The spinach looks mighty sad... but it's still green and hasn't given up yet.
I added a Touch-Me-Not plant to the garden shortly after starting all the seeds.  Now that it's big enough to respond to touch, it's the coolest plant I've seen in a while!  I think the only other time I was this excited what in high school when I got a carnivorous plant.
 30 by 30 list

Here's a quick video of the Touch-Me-Not awesomess!

I hope you had a pleasant Earth Day! Now go hug a tree ^.^

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