Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gas Tank Empty, Blessing Tank Full

Running out of gas is one of THE most frustrating things that can happen to a driver.  Trying to get to a station asap and running out a stone's throw away from one and not being able to get the car restarted is even more frustrating.  This was me Tuesday afternoon.

I got off work early and planned to stop at walmart before heading to yoga class.  As I neared the intersection, my car puttered to a stop and I thought "uh-oh... lemme snatch across this road and stop at that 7-eleven right there!"  I was able to get the car restarted and successfully crossed over all 3 lanes. Then the light turned red... and my car turned off.  Like good night and good luck off.  I called Lamar and he was soon on the way.

I sat dead in the road for like 20 minutes, during which 2 people stopped and asked me if help was on the way, and a third actually got out of his car and pushed mine out of the road into a nearby parking lot.  Yay for good samaritans!  The whole situation had me feeling quite helpless... a damsel in distress if you will, but much less glamorous.  Lamar arrived maybe 15 minutes later with a can of gas and we were on our way home!  Hurray!

While I was in the midst of the rush hour traffic, I felt myself getting more and more anxious.  But instead of letting  my tightening chest get the better of me, I counted my blessings.

1. I got all the way over to the right lane.
2. Lamar is on spring break so he was home instead of an hour+ away in Clermont.
3. I was walking distance to a gas station.
4. I got off early so all this happened before sunset.
5. Kind strangers still exist.
6. I got some unexpected writing time.
7. After gassing up the car, Lamar and I had an impromptu pizza dinner.

What have I learned from this? Always count your blessings, and the gas light is NOT a suggestion! lol! Have a great day!

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