Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yoga-cise: How I'm Working Out

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Lamar is always asking me to work out with him when he's doing P90X... I hate P90X... Like srsly!  It's just not that enjoyable.  I feel like, as a beginner, I've got to enjoy doing the workout in order to be motivated to get it done, you know.
Exercise at Home
Child's Pose:
It's good if you just need to pause & catch your breath... like a yoga comma ^.^
So, that in mind, last year my friend Cherie introduced me to hot yoga.  I wasn't sure if I would finish, but I did and it was a great experience.  After that I started going regularly to the Yoga 101 classes to learn the basics.  The teacher was awesome at explaining the poses and really friendly.
Exercise at Home
Downward Facing Dog:
I shot this photo 3 times tweaking little things.  I'm working on getting those heels down.
For some reason, in this year, I've been a total slacker and have not gone to any of the classes.  But in place of the organized class, I've found a YouTube channel that I really like: Yoga with Adrienne.  She has lots of different sequences and also many videos covering the fundamentals.  I also like that her videos are beginner friendly and I never feel like she's doing super crazy advanced things.  But on the chance she does, she always shows alternate ways to do the poses.  Thumbs up, Adrienne! Anywho, I love doing her Energizing Morning Sequence.  It's only like 20 minutes long, but you definitely work up a good sweat and wake up the whole body.
Exercise at Home
Cat (top) Cow (bottom) Combo:
Please ignore my pigeon toes on the cow pose *.* I also need to get my knees in line with my hips.
When I was taking the 101 classes, I got to learn quite a few yoga poses.  I really enjoy warrior 1 & 2.  Warrior 3 makes me feel like an absolute bawse, but I think my favorite yoga pose is the triangle pose or trikonasana.  It even has a fun to say name ^.^  I love, love, love the deep leg stretch I get.  I also really like doing the cat/cow combination.  It's the perfect do-before-you-get-outta-bed stretch.
Exercise at Home
Triangle pose:
I love how long I feel in this pose.  Just all legs and arms ^.^ lol
Currently, I haven't been keeping to a strict workout schedule, but I have written one.  The next step is to work some cardio in.  I'm looking to start regularly walking the dogs. (Two of my friends recently told me my littlest dog is getting a wee bit round... so walking is definitely in order lol) So yeah... I'm glad to say I'm enjoying the exercise I've introduced into my life =) 

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