Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Listers Gotta List: Days 15-21

Hi all :)

I must start with a confession... I have fallen behind with this challenge. *insert shame face now*  But, I have been a busy little bee and caught up on all the missed ones! Hurray!  Feast your eyes upon my craftiness ^.^

listers gotta list
(15) If I could have only 5 things on a deserted island.
listers gotta list
(16) Three major goals for 2015 & (17) Things I never thought I would do
listers gotta list
(18) Things I want to try & (19) My planner essentials
listers gotta list
(20) Ways I de-stress
listers gotta list
(21) Things I have learned
That's all for this week :) Oh and so sorry for the sub-par cell phone photos... I wanted to get this post up before I got to far into the next week.

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