Thursday, August 6, 2015

All About Us Scrapbook: Part 2

Here is part 2 of my scrapbooking adventure!  Huzzah!  These pages were a lot of fun to put together.  At first, creating the layouts was kinda daunting, each for its own reason.  The full 12x12s were hard because I literally started with a HUGE blank canvas... I also felt like I was wasting space if I didn't pretty much cover the whole paper.  On the other hand, the Project Life pocket pages were hard because I didn't think about photo orientation when I was choosing photos to print.  So I'd end up with not enough photos in the proper sizes and have to figure out ways to trim them to make them fit.  *shrug*

With future layouts, I wanna get more into layering and embellishing.  Right now my pages are very simple... photos, journaling, filler cards.  I definitely have plenty of room for growth.

Now lets get into these next layouts!

These photos are from the first time Lamar and I went to Lake Guntersville State Park.  I love everything about these photos!  Lamar was super proud of the black & white one he took of Kiva watching me wade.  He said he had to shoot it a bunch of times to get it just right.  I'm glad he did because it is quite beautiful.

This is Lake Guntersville State Park one year later after the huge tornado outbreak.  It's crazy that wind did all this destruction.  Oddly enough, whenever I look at these or remember this trip, I feel this almost awful reverence for nature... how a storm can chew a tree to splinters.

This paper is uh-MAZE-ing!  I had a lot of fun going through all the text and highlighting the bits that fit us.  My favorite line in it is, "I can't wait to see the journey we go on together." I also love that sentiment paired with this photo from our engagement shoot.

All the photos on this page had to be trimmed and MAN it was so fiddly!  I got to use more of my little letter stickers and did a lot of journaling as you can see.  One of the best parts of this layout is the sticker on Lamar driving the go-cart.  I wanted a race car themed sticker for the photo, but I didn't want to go and buy a whole set.  What I ended up doing was drawing a flag on paper, cutting it out, and running it through my sticker maker.  Ta-da! Handmade stickers in my scrapbook!!

Of course, as a doggy-mommy I had to do a few layouts dedicated to Kiva & Toot :)  The journaling on here are things the dogs enjoy and a handful of their nicknames.  I found these packets of paper die-cut embellishments on clearance at Joann's and used them on this page.  I feel like I was dipping my toe in the embellishment swimming pool ^.^ Not bad. Not bad at all. 

Here's another page of the girls.  I water color painted the background paper, and I think that'll be something I try again.  I used a page of dog themed stickers on here and wrote a little journaling around their close up shots.  

That's it for this part of the All About Us Scrapbook ^.^  I have been working busily on finishing the rest of the pages.  Then I ended up adding the remaining 12x12 page protectors back into the album.  So when they're all done, the album will have 20 12x12 layouts and 10 Project Life layouts.

I've already purchased a new ringed scrapbook album to make it easier to change up the page protectors.  And I'm trying to decide how I want to approach the new book.  It'll probably be just like this one, a running record of our lives as we go. 


  1. OMG I love the photos but I especially love the handwritten notes that go with the photos. That is such a special treat!

    Trish - tales from trish

    1. Aww! Thanks Trish! I have so much fun writing in journaling and reminiscing on the memories. Scrapbooking is really becoming a special love of mine. I can't wait to share more :)

  2. Sticker maker?? I didn't even know that was a things. I feel like I need a post on crafting tools. *hint, hint* :)

    1. Ooh that would be a fun post! Thanks hun!


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