Monday, August 17, 2015

National Thrift Store Day 2015

Today is National Thrift Store Day and in honor of this auspicious occasion I, of course, went thrifting :) I went with my friend Cherie and it was a lot of fun since we haven't really gone thrifting together since we lived in Huntsville.  We both got some nice pieces but better than wardrobe enhancement, it was great to get to hang out with her.

Also in the spirit of National Thrift Store Day, I wanted to share the story of these candle holders.  I found them a few weeks ago in my local Goodwill.  While looking around for a new work bag, I detoured through the candle section and came across these brass deer candle holders.  I immediately knew they were coming home with me... Why? Because my mom has the same set in her Christmas decorations. ^.^

I remember being young and in boxing all the tree decor pieces... our engraved baby ones, old DIY ones, all the many glass and plastic balls, and the singing string lights.  For some reason these candle holders caught my fancy and became one of my favorite decorations.  Funny thing tho, I never remember them actually holding candles, lol!

Now I have a set of my own to start my and Lamar's Christmas decoration stash.  I love the thought of one day having kids that maybe will like these candle holding deer as much as I do ^.^

Have you ever found something in a thrift store that you bought for the nostalgia or even because it reminded you of a special person or event?  What was that thing? 


  1. I remember the first time I really explored a Goodwill I bought a bunch of old records -- Barbra Streisand, Rou Rawls, and I think maybe a Burl Ives Christmas one. They don't remind me of anyone or anything in particular, but I've always loved that we still have a record player in my house. There's nothing quite like the sound of an old dusty record -- you just can't get that from an mp3 or a CD.

  2. My parents had records but i dont remember them playing them often, lol. It seems like the sound of record music carries some magical nostalgia in itself :)

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