Thursday, January 7, 2016

Story Time: Happy Holidays 2015

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I love how the year ends with Thanksgiving and Christmas!  It's like, 'Congratulations! You made it! Now eat a whole lotta food with your family!'  This past holiday season was nothing different in that sense.  I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas days with my family and we ate lots of food... albeit later than expected, but what's new?

candid family photos christmas 2015 memory keeping document project life scrapbooking

I did feel different this year tho.  There was a distinct lack of super-christmassy spirit... but I attribute it to the long hours of work at the studio.  Spending the whole day convincing other people's families to smile is quite draining.  But anyway, I made it through!  Yay me!

This December I decided to try my hand at creating a December Daily scrapbook (link) and I'm so glad I did!  Telling a story each day and remembering to take pictures was monumental in me actually making memories of this holiday season.  Now doing the December Daily album was hard!  I'm still working on finishing up the last few pages.  I'll be sharing it on here soon.  ^.^ yay!

december daily 2015 album ali edwards scrapbooking memory keeping project life document photography christmas

Next November/December I want to take even more pictures (God willing) and maybe do some video.  I know that even though I look like a crazy person snapping random pictures of little bits of life, looking back on them will be great.  Lamar really liked looking through the album and he kept telling me how cute I was for doing it.  Maybe next year, instead of only December Daily, I'll make it a holiday album and start it at Thanksgiving and keep on through New Years.  That's really ambitious, but it would be awesome to have!
Some of my favorite memories of this past holiday season are:
1.  quality family time / skyping with my family
2. finishing the breast cancer survivor afghan
3. secret santa with friends and family
4. our christmassy bedroom
5. Ryan white elephant gift exchange
How was your holiday season?  Does your family have any particular traditions?


  1. My Christmas season was lacking the extra Christmassy spirit as well, but it was still a grand time. I've got not true traditions, but I have enjoyed exchanging gifts with you the past 2? years. I'm totally a fan of you upgrading to a holiday album next year. I'm down for more photos and even some vids! Yay for memory making! Let me know if/when/how I can ever help you document your life things.

    P.S. So proud of you and your afghan! You put in a lot of work! *virtual five*
    XOXO, Bee

    1. So... then... Bee and Calli vlogs in 2016 o.O

    2. Thank you for the virtual five... It seems that my crochet break is over tho. There are like 3 large projects on the horizon... ::cracks knuckles and presoaks hands in ice::


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