Tuesday, January 26, 2016

About a Dog and a Prayer

This morning I woke up to my smallest dog, Tootie, gagging. She continued to dry heave on and off for a couple hours. Most of the time I'm like 'ehh thug it out homegirl' but something about the way she kept doing it started worrying me.  So we went to the vet.  -___-

She got a quick exam by the doctor and he recommended we do 3 X-rays to make sure she hadn't eaten something that was blocking her up.  I asked him the price (because X-rays = $$).  He came back with an estimate of $300+! I immediately felt my chest tighten and the anxiety rising.  I talked to Lamar about what we should do and went back and forth with the doctor about different options because $300 wasn't going to happen.  We decided to do 1 X-ray and hope that any issue would show and not be hiding in some other view.  The doctor said that if nothing showed in the one X-ray, it was "highly likely that there is nothing there."  So that was the plan... A little over $100 less.  Still a lot, but a much easier pill to swallow. 

When the nurse went to set everything up, I sat in the exam room thinking. I started praying that nothing serious was wrong with Tootie.  I felt worried and anxious about the money. I started thinking about trying to get more hours at the studio. 

Then I had a very important thought.

My God is the owner and controller of everything.  He cares about the tiny sparrow and thus cares about my little dog. He has a plan for my life. Most of the time when I think of God having a plan, I only think about it workwise.  But His plan is for my LIFE. Everything and every part of it.  He has a plan for this particular event.  If something unforeseen should come up in the X-ray, God will guide Lamar and me to the proper course of action.  He will provide the means to handle whatever situation He allows into our lives.  

As I prayed, I began pulling scriptures in.  It was like, "Father, this is what You promised me. This is what You said." I asked for forgiveness for my lack of faith at the beginning.  There is no need for me to be anxious or worried... 'Don't be anxious for anything, but in everything with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, bring your requests to God'... God is in control. When I said amen, I felt such a peace.  The tension had left my chest.  The anxiety was gone.  Before praying I felt like I was heading quickly towards a panic attack. This showed me the great difference between trying to handle things on my own versus giving them to God. 

They didn't find anything in the X-ray, so the doctor advised we have Tootie fast for the rest of today and the give her bland food tomorrow.  

Before I could ask anything about what kind of food, the nurse said she was going to find me some free samples.  She came back with two containers of canned food and a bag of dry food.  She gave me enough food for at least 3 days.  Then when I got to the desk to pay, the final charge was $60 less than we discussed! All I could think was... my God is good! 

At this time, Tootie's sleeping next to me. She hasn't tried to throw up since getting home. :) Prayerfully she's done with her antics! 

On another note, normally I have a 'default' way of praying.  Pretty straightforward and basic.  But recently I've been listening to prayers on this app called Abide. My friend Brianna, introduced me to it.  Each morning it gives you a prayer based in scripture.  You can also find prayers for particular topics.  It's a really good app if you are looking to improve your prayer life.  Anyway, through listening to those prayers, I've found myself remembering scriptures more often in my prayers.  I think that's awesome.

That's it. I hope this story goes to remind you that God's got you.  It's up to us to believe it.  I'm really trying to get better at that.

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