Monday, January 4, 2016

December 2015: Month in Review

December, like a lot of 2015, was a blur! If not for my memory keeping projects I'm not sure that I'd remember anything... I drank too much coffee, and stayed up too late too often, but in hindsight - it was a good month. Full of good memories.

12/1: Lamar and I took our Christmas pictures. We had lots of fun trying to get the dogs to pay attention to the photographers :)

12/4: Lamar paid off his car!!!

12/5: We went to a Jonathan Nelson concert.  Being in a room full of worshipers is such a special experience. 

12/13: I was playing around at the studio and surprised myself by successfully doing the crow pose ^.^ You really never know what you can do until you try.

12/14: My baby brother turned 21... I guess I gotta stop calling him 'baby brother' nah!

12/15: Lamar and I made 18 months married!! I wrote a couple blog posts about him and us :) <-here- & -here->

12/16: Downtown Christmas lights date night with Babe!

12/22: I got my first Kwanzaa kinara :)

12/23: I put up our little Christmas tree.

12/25: Christmas with family and skyped/facetimed my mom, dad & Andrew.  I missed Aaron by a few minutes :-/

12/26: Delivered the breast cancer survivor afghan to Sarah and Jon. I am so proud of myself for finishing that project!!

12/30: I left my wallet at home by accident and Erica paid for my breakfast :)

12/31: Spent a quiet NYE watching movies with Lamar. I think that's the best way to bring in a new year ^.^

Throughout the Month
1. I was pretty much sick all through December... Ugh
2. I also failed at being a blogger. I only wrote 3 posts! For. Shame!
3. On a more positive note... I kicked butt on my reading goal! I finished 5 books!!

December Goals Review
1. Complete December Daily - mostly done. I have to finish 24-31.
2. Complete Capture December photo a day challenge - I got to the 19th before getting bogged down by the rest of my plans/work schedule.
3. At least 2 date nights with Lamar - Done! We had 2 movie nights and went to see the Christmas lights downtown.
4. Finish 3 books - Done! 
5. Celebrate Kwanzaa with friends - Not quite... Bee and I texted every day but we didn't get together and light the candles and everything.  Better luck next year :)

January Goals
1. Get half way through the Bible (psalm 120)
2. Photograph Grandma's retirement party and make a book
3. Do a photoshoot (fairy bee, newborn, family)
4. Style my hair 3 times
5. Keep the kitchen clean

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