Monday, April 4, 2016

Fledgling Flight: I Took an Aerial Yoga Class

Recently my local yoga studio, Altamonte Springs Yoga, began offering aerial yoga.  I never thought it would be something I'd actually do - just something cool to think about and look at on instagram [Altamonte Springs Yoga on IG -here-]

One morning I woke up with a lot of aches in my hands and feet.  So I decided the best remedy would be yoga and after going through the class schedule- I picked the aerial class.  On the way in, I was so nervous!  But after talking to the instructor, Michelle, I felt a bit better.  I went into the classroom with the mindset of trying everything she said.  Go big or go home right...

And I'm so glad I did!  The first time I went upside down I couldn't stop laughing nervously ^.^ I definitely thought I was going to fall and when I didn't it felt so accomplished!

Michelle was a really good teacher and demonstrated everything a few times before she told me to try.  I also totally lucked out by being the only person in the class.  So as a super beginner, being alone with the teacher helped me not feel quite so self conscious.  Now I want to try the other aerial classes since I know I won't fall and bust my teeth out lol!

When the class was over, Michelle offered to take some pictures of me! o.O I was super excited because the whole time, I was thinking "this would be great to blog about  if only I could get pictures..."  After she took a picture says, 'OH! Let's try this pose.  It's not really a 'beginner' pose but I think you can do it!'  It's nice when the instructor believes in your fledgling aerial yoga skills ^.^  The photo below is that pose.

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I will definitely be going back to class as soon as my schedule allows!

If you're in the Orlando/Greater Orlando area and are looking for an awesome yoga studio with knowledgeable and very friendly staff, check out Altamonte Springs Yoga.  The classes range from $5 - $15.  It's totally worth it

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