Thursday, April 7, 2016

30 Before 30 Update and Plan

Back in my 20s (lol) I decided to create a list of 30 things to do between my 29th and 30th birthday.  Over the span of the year, I completed quite a few of the items, actually I finished 16.  ^.^  Since I still want to complete the list, I've decided to transition my '30 Before 30' list into '30 In 30'.  That means I want to finish this list while I'm 30.  I think I'm also going to trade out some items because certain things have set me up to fail with their vagueness (ie, #20-22).  It think this list was a great idea for me and I'm considering creating a new craft related one.  We'll see. :)  So here's the update.  I've linked all the relevant blog posts and websites as well!

1. Read the Bible
    When I started out, I really thought I'd make it through the whole Bible.  Unfortunately, that plan died because I wasn't finishing enough chapters per day.  Then I realized that I didn't want to rush through... So I cut down to finishing half the Bible.  That made it a lot more pleasant.  Here are a couple of my favorite verses made into images with the Bible App.

2. Finish 20 books
    Whoop whoop!  I finished 24!  I may have also fallen in love with graphic novels ^.^  I love discovering new genres.

3. Yoga-cize regularly
    Ehh... I didn't do it regularly, but I tried.

4. Volunteer at an animal shelter
    Didn't do it

5. Do a split
    Didn't do it

6. Etsy for real
    I kept trying to make this happen, but couldn't.  I have, however, gotten lots more orders to make things.  It seems like word of mouth is the way to go for me at the present time.

7. Finish 'the quilt'
    Didn't do it.  Honestly, living in Florida doesn't give me much reason to need to really finish the quilt.  It's actually still in storage from when I moved to Florida, lol.

8. Crochet a sweater, a top, and a shawl

    Sweater: The Chevron Cardigan (I've just realized that I never shared the completed cardi! Oops!)
    Top: The Frankenshirt
    Shawl: Andromeda

9. Refinish a piece of furniture
    I created a patio furniture set from refinished thrifted chairs and a found set of small benches.  They serve us well ^.^

10. Organize a yarn-bombing
    I tried so hard to get this done. I started organizing a thanksgiving yarn-bombing but it fell through.  It will happen! I declare!

11. Make Youtube Videos

    I made two! A December Daily album share and a Lazy Natural hair tutorial.

12. See an exhibit at OMArt
    I went to see Women of Vision.

13. Blog regularly
    I'm really good at planning my posts, I'm working at being more consistent with actually posting them. lol

14. Photograph 3 downtown areas
    1. Longwood, Florida
    2. Apopka, Florida
    3. Winter Garden, Florida
    I want to continue shooting cities in the central Florida area.  I've since added Mount Dora and Orlando to my collection.  I'm excited to continue this project.
Apopka, FL

15. Do 3 photo shoots
    1. Baby Seth Newborn
    2. Baby Camden Maternity
    3. Cozier Gender Reveal

16. Do 3 photo stories
    1. One Landscape
    2. Walk With Me: Wekiwa Springs State Park
I only finished 2 stories.  I haven't shared the Walk With Me story yet, but it's coming.  I have a bunch of ideas for future photo-stories that I'm quite excited to do.  I just have to figure out how to make them happen. :)

17. Build a portfolio
    I have enough content, but I haven't curated it down yet.

18. Make sushi and macarons
    Sushi - no
    Macarons - yes

19. Plant an herb garden
    Yes.  I planted it and the epic cucumber struggle was real!  I didn't get any full grown cucumbers from those plants, but I'm going to try again!  I will not be bested by those cucumber plants!! Here is the link to all the garden posts.

20. Eat & eat well
    I don't even really know how I was suppose to do this.  I did not starve myself... I will say that I could have done better at eating a more balanced diet.  Maybe that's how I'll edit it going forward.

21. Make and keep a cleaning schedule
    I created a schedule, and then realized that it wasn't working for me.  So it kinda went by the wayside.  I have been keeping busy with trying to manage the laundry.  Not sure if laundry is EVER actually managed. Just saying.

22. Learn to play Bless the Broken Road on the guitar
    This was a nice thought, but I don't have a guitar.  So yeah... why did I do that to myself?!?

23. Hike Wekiwa Springs
    I went out on my birthday and hiked by myself.  It was a lot of fun, and I want to do it again with a group of friends.

24. Go ziplining
    Didn't do it, but I found a groupon for a good price.

25. Ride the Lake Eola paddle boats with Lamar
    Didn't do it

26. Go to Rebounderz

    We went to Air Heads for Lamar's birthday instead, which is the same thing.  It was so much fun!

27. See a show at CityArts Factory
    We went to SAK Comedy Lab instead.  It's an improv comedy club and it was really cool to experience.  Lamar wants to go again, and I think that's a great idea.

28.  Write songs for our future kids
    Didn't do it.  Occasionally, I'll have a few lines pop in my head but they never stay long enough to really become anything.

29.  Eat at 3 hole-in-the-wall restaurants
    1. one of Lamar's student's parents own an Italian restaurant, we ate there for his parent's anniversary.  I hope that sentence made sense lol!  I can't remember the name.  If I find it, I'll add it in.
    2. Zaza New Cuban Diner - A nice small restaurant with an energetic and fun atmosphere.  It was quite a pleasant place to grab a bite to eat.
    3. Wheat Berry Cafe - I had a mango smoothie with cayenne pepper... it was different, but good.  The offer vegan food and lots of different cold pressed juices and fresh smoothies.

30. Learn to juggle
    Kinda... I can complete like 3 tosses.  I will continue working!

What are some of your "bucket list items" or things you want to accomplish this year?

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