Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April 2016: Month in Review

This year is just flying by! I don't even know how I feel about it... April was a blur.  Welp, here's to making the effort to take May more slowly.

April Highlights
4/1: I got my replacement phone!  My Galaxy S5 was stolen at the end of March, but through some research and blessing I was able to replace it with an S6 through upgrade without having a monthly phone payment!  Huzzah! Praise God!

4/3: Lamar's cousin Roger got married!  I got to be in my first big Ryan family photo and I'm no longer the newest Mrs. Ryan ^.^

4/6:  I took my second aerial yoga class and did a shoulder-stand!!!  I felt so awesome afterward.  A couple days later tho... my body was sooo mad at me lol.

4/9:  It was education day at church and I told the children's story.  It went really well.  Lamar recorded it... maybe I'll post it sometime.

4/13: Finished editing and uploading the photos from a first birthday shoot  ^.^

4/14: Lamar and I went to the Pentatonix concert.  It was a lot of fun and the opening act, Us the Duo, was the best part if you ask me :)  It's the only CD I've been playing in my car since.

4/20:  Since I've been getting more into knitting, I decided to purchase my first set of fancy needles.  I went to a yarn store quite close to me called Knit! and bought a set of Chiaogoo lace tips. Compared to the needles I've been using from Joann's, the Chiaogoos are soooo much better!  

4/21: Lamar's school put on 'Hairspray' as their Spring Musical.  It was pretty good.

4/29:  Ma Sonia and Amber's birthdays!!

4/30:  I wore my newest crochet shawl to church and one of the older ladies complimented me on it ^.^

Throughout the Month
- I started Bible Journaling!  I've wanted to try it for a while, but I was scared to draw in the Bible... But once I got past the first entry, I was good to go!  It's a really meditative practice for me.
- I've been working on the Evy Lovey and Blanket set this month. It's looking very cute!

April Goals Recap
1. Read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert -- I started it but put it down after a couple chapters.  I do want to finish it, so I'm going to give it another go in May.
2. Crochet something Hufflepuff for #23HarryPotterKAL -- nope, I just went with the Ravenclaw socks
3. Volunteer at an animal shelter -- nope, and now my car is acting really stupid so I don't know when I'll be able to do the extra driving.
4. Read Proverbs and Ecclesiastes -- I did this one!  But let me tell you, Ecclesiastes was HARD to get through!! I even called my dad (who's a preacher) to confirm that I was understanding the book... It's depressing! Moral of the book: You might as well enjoy your work and life because everything is meaningless and we're all going to die anyway.  Thanks Solomon...
5. Back up devices 2 - 4 times in the month -- I'm ashamed... I haven't backed up anything.  I keep saying I need to back up my phone because I have SO many photos and videos from the Pentatonix concert and whatnot.  The back up will happen today!

May Goals
1.  Finish & deliver the Evy Set
2.  Knit a hat
3.  Plan Sheree's Bachelorette Party
4.  Read one book
5.  Make grandma's retirement shutterfly book

SO yeah, I do want to focus on taking May slower.  Making an effort to make more memories and not just work work work.  I want to take more time for me and also do more crafting for me :)  What are some of your May goals?

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