Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This is a What?: Jabba...

Hi :)

The subject of today's This is a What? post has been rolling around my head since I started the theme. (did that make sense??)  Anywho, I'm excited to show you the shots ^.^

Let's get crackin!

Please ignore the dot... It's a little piece of dust on my camera sensor that I'm happy to say is finally gone! Thanks, Google!

At first, I took a bunch of close angles, using focus to highlight different areas of the face.  But when I unfocused the whole image, it became a cool collection of tones.

This makes me want to get my sketchbook out and draw these... and just look at how the light interacts with the surface.

This is the shot that gave me the post title: Jabba.  It reminds me of the masks that the Jabbawockeez wear. (If you haven't seen them dance... youtube them. Now. Go ahead ^.^ I'll wait.)

And here is the actual subject.  It's the styrofoam head I put crochet hats and whatnot on.  As you can see she suffered a bit of trauma during the move to Florida, but no biggie. :)

This week's TIAW was fun to shoot.  I liked using completely blurred photos.  Maybe I'll carry that on next week and possibly find something more colorful to study.  I hope you had a good Tuesday.

Peace & goodnight!

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