Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wedding Spot: Bridal Show

Hey there!

A few Sundays ago, Sheree and I went to one of the Central Florida wedding shows. It was a good size show and there were a lot of vendors I hadn't met previously. Needless to say, we had a ball!

Sheree is so very much extroverted and participated in nearly every game during the fashion show! AND.......... she won a dance contest (which I recorded, but she told me I am NOT allowed to post -_-) and got a free stay at the hotel as her winnings! Pretty cool. She also caught a bouquet and a garter towards the end of the show, which was cool too.

After the fashion show, we walked around to check out the rest of the vendors, tasted some YUMMY cake from a few different bakeries, and chatted with the DJ. The last booth we went to was a photographer and she was having a raffle. While I was filling out the information sheet, the lady asked me if I won anything. I told her I hadn't and Sheree had all the winner's luck :) Then the most awesome thing happened! She pulls out a folder and said the person who was suppose to win a prize from her booth never came. So she gave it to me!! It was a voucher for a free outdoor photo session and an 8x10 print. How cool is that!? I was mostly excited because Lamar really wants to do an outdoor shoot. So I suppose we'll find out how much more prints would be. (Hopefully not an arm and a leg.)

 Goodnight :)


  1. Rad! I've never been to a wedding show before. That sounds like so much fun! Your friend is awesome, by the way! Haha :D

    - Anna

    1. Aww thanks Anna, I'll be sure to tell her! She'll really like that. Wedding shows are fun, but probably exponentially MORE fun when you're not looking for actual vendors ^.^ lol


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