Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wedding Spot: Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding stuff!!! Huzzah! lol ^.^

Last Sunday, I went to David's Bridal with my Maid of Honor and one of my Bridesmaids to have a look at a couple dress options for them.  Originally, I had two satin dresses picked out, but decided that I didn't like how they looked next to my dress.  So back to the drawing board I went.  The next option was to check out the chiffon ones.  Let me say, I really liked the feeling I got from them as opposed to the structured satin.  I think the chiffon was more of my personality... if that makes any sense at all. *shrug*

Anywho, we took to the racks at DB and found the dress choice for my Matron and Maid of honor pretty easily, but the bridesmaid dress took a bit more time.  Once we found the style number, I pulled it off the bar only to discover it had some sorta frilly... ruffled... jellyfish-esque detail down the back. Umm... what?!? To be honest, it looked pretty trash on the hanger, but we saw it on a mannequin and it looked ok so we kept it to try on.  Since the maids' dress was iffy, we took some time to find another option.  Then it was on to the dressing rooms!

The light blue dress is the Matron/Maid of Honor dress and the darker dress is option 1 for the bridesmaids.  See the jellyfishy ruffle?!?  Imagine my surprise when we pulled that off the rail...

Here is the MOH dress with the option 2 dress.  This was the dress we found in the store that day.  I'm pretty sure that these are the dresses we'll be going with. ^.^

After fiddling around with the pictures on, I changed the hue on them so I could see the dresses in what would be the wedding color.  Don't mind the purple skin ^.^
They look nice in the green :)  I really like that I feel good when I look at the dresses. Like I'm getting stuff done and making decisions. ::fist pump::

Wish me luck and focus as I continue this wedding planning adventure. Thanks!


  1. Purple skin, not the best look for anyone. :-) Those dresses, however, look gorgeous on these lovely ladies!

    1. Thanks Auntie! I'm getting more excited as little wedding details are decided upon ^.^

  2. Caleisha! It's been so long! It's amazing to see just how awesome things are going for you! I am so excited to hear about your wedding plans! I'm also glad you found your pearl girl! that post about Jesus looking for us was just what I needed :)
    love your girl! love the dresses!

    1. ALINA!!! I'm soo glad to see you! What's the deal with your ghost-mode ma'am? I miss seeing your creations. Come back to the blogosphere puh-leeze! :)


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