Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Look Ma, No Hook!

So a few days ago, I watched a video on youtube about arm knitting.  It was pretty cool, but of course as the non-knitter I am- I wanted to arm-crochet.  I've been brainstorming for a couple days to figure out how I would go about arm-crocheting, and I'm pleased to day I figured out a way!

I gave up trying to crochet the standard way and decided that working stitches in tunisian crochet would work.   I started off with 3 strands of worsted weight yarn and tried to crochet a foundation chain.

After struggling with the worsted weight yarn, I decided to raid my stash for some bulkier yarn to work with.

Success!  Basically I used my arm like a tunisian crochet hook and worked 5 tunisian simple stitches for this first crack at arm-crochet.  Since I'm new at tunisian crochet anyway, I'm pretty sure I messed up the stitches along the way, but it's not half bad for a first try.

I kept crocheting rows until what became a scarf was roughly 5 feet long.  The next time I try this again, I'll probably use something like t-shirt yarn or 6 strands of super bulky yarn together just to make a more solid piece.

It's light enough to be worn when ever fall gets around to making it's way down to Florida, and I really like the colors I was able to use.  It kinda reminds me of those skinny fashion scarves that were "in" a while ago... y'know??

Anywho,  here are some detail shots after I finished it off.

I suppose it has a lace-like quality to it since the spaces are so big... and I'm thinking about putting a fringe on it.  Haven't settled on that decision yet tho.

I'm so glad this idea didn't flop.  Maybe after more brainstorming, I can figure a way to arm-crochet in a way that isn't so messy looking.



  1. What an awesome scarf! I don't crochet or knit, but I do sew. Mostly, I remake items. Though, that scarf makes me wanna pick up another craft to try. I am such a scarf girl.. So, loving this, for sure.
    Make It Or Fix It Yourself

    1. Thanks Sharon! Crochet is definitely a useful skill especially if you like scarves and fall/winter accessories. I'm glad you came by :) I like that you post a variety of diy projects on your blog. I'll surely be trying out that peace cobbler recipe soon. It looks delicious ^.^


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