Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grannies & Kings & Hearts, Oh my!

Hi there!
I have been crocheting for like 3-4 hours & am super glad to say that all of the solid blocks for the cream/green/brown afghan are finished! (I still need to settle on a name for it, by the way.) I have about 5 weeks left to finish it... le'sigh... It will be done though.

Granny Squares & Breakout Kings
In other news, I woke up with the WORST neck/shoulder/back pain ever. Ever!  I couldn't look down or much to either side.  How the heck was I sleeping and how can I get my poor little neck to loosen up? I've been stretching it all day long, hopefully it'll feel better tomorrow.

Now, in the midst of the afghan making, I took a bit of time to work on brooch ideas. After finishing the heart brooch, I decided to try creating a musical note. I graphed it and worked it in single stitches. The only issues I have with the finished piece is that it's HUGE... I'm thinking I'll cut it in half... or something...
Graph & finished note
Finished <3 brooch
Well, it's now past 5am & I really don't know why I've been up so long... I should be sleepy... shrug, I'll blame it on the neck pain. Anywho, have a wonderful Saturday & do something that makes you smile.

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