Saturday, April 28, 2012

Panoply Arts Festival: Day 1

Panoply Day One ^.^

I am loving the fact that it is Panoply time again.  This afternoon Lamar & I walked around for like 2 hours.  We saw a really great student improv acting group called Acting Up. They were great.  Example:
101 artists walk into a restaurant. One of the artists asks the maitre'd for a table. The maitre'd turns & says, "Sorry, we don't serve your..." The artist interrupts & says, "OK, Ima let you finish, but Beyonce's video was the best video ever."
 I was impressed with the girl that came up with that one. After leaving the improv show, we spotted a juggler on stilts o.O I asked if I could take her picture & she said sure but I had to be IN it.  Then I got the bright idea to do this:

Yes, I high-fived a juggler on stilts! Woot for me, lol!  She was really friendly.  Now I want to learn to juggle... Youtube here I come :)

There is a section called the Global Village where each tent is dedicated to a particular ethnicity or nationality.  We didn't stop by any of those tents today, but we will either tomorrow or Sunday.

Lastly, we passed another street performer. One that made me so nervous, I SWORE that I'd pee my pants if she touched me!  My chest was tight for a good 10 minutes after we left her. What kind of street performer did I cross paths with???
Freakin... Living... Statue...
I didn't realize that my aversion to mimes was so serious until today... I may look like I'm having the time of my life, but no... that is full on nervous freak out laughter.

That's all for today! If you have any summer arts festivals in your area, you should definitely go. It's great. :)
Community Art Installment (It spells Panoply)

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