Monday, April 16, 2012

Not So Blue Monday #4: Etsy Finds

So on this Not so Blue Monday, I'm taking a moment to browse Etsy.  Here are a few things that brought a smile to my face :]
1: The "Can You Read This" Dog Tag from Billetsdoux

This tag would be perfect for my littlest dog.  Even though we're always telling her not to lick faces, she manages to sneak her doggy kisses in... le'sigh... One day she'll learn. :)

2: Ceramic Heart with Leaves Bobby Pins from Ceraminic.

These are cute & useful since bobby pins are a natural girl staple.  I'm already picturing these pinning down the edges of buns or twists or whatever. The color makes me smile as does the thought of them peeking out from the midst of my hair.

3: Smile Print from Seventytree.

My bedroom is sorely lacking in the area of wall art... I mean I have a box of photo frames but have never sat down to put photos in them... I have ideal spaces for hanging pieces, but have not purchased any... This print would be perfect for me.  I love photography & always tell myself to get out and shoot.  Plus the camera here looks just like my 35mm & that's my baby.

4: Rain Cloud Natural Canvas Pillow from PonyAndPoppy.

I have a love/hate relationship with rainy days.  I love them when I can be relaxed & cozy. I hate them because they seem to always get me down.  *shrug*  But in these pollen overloaded northern Alabama spring days, they are very much my best friends.  So here's to the best kind of rainy days: cozy, warm, & full of stuffing ;)

5: Chevon Stripe Blanket from CThandmade.

Crochet chevron striped blankets are quickly becoming one of my favorite things... I want to make one sooo badly, but I just can't get down with that many single stitches even with a big hook... *chuckle*  I love the color on this one. It's so bright & clean. I can imagine snuggling in this blanket watching HGTV. Maybe I will tackle a chevron blanket... just with 3 strands of yarn & a 10mm hook, ^.^

Well, that's all for this week's Not So Blue Monday.  This day started off full of anxiety & a weird cloudy feeling, but taking the time to browse the pretty wares on Etsy really brought a bit of sunshine to a day that threatened drearyness.

Please visit the shops I've linked to.  I'm sure they'd love it. :)

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