Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crafternoon 4: Arts in Action

During day 3 of Panoply, Lamar & I stopped by the Arts in Action tents & I had my first real spinning lesson!  There were 2 ladies on spinning wheels & one lady on a loom.  I have been getting more interested in learning how to spin my own yarn from fiber.  I just feel that that is the next step in my yarn crafting. So here is the nice spinner lady showing me how to use a homemade drop spindle:

Please excuse the cheesy grin on my face. I've just watched so many videos on youtube about spinning & I was super excited that yarn was being made with my own hands!!! When I asked her how to make the spindle myself, she just gave it to me o.O YAY! Plus, she gave me a bag of pink fiber... Honestly, I don't know what I would make from pink yarn, but it'll be hand spun by me pink yarn...

The spinner ladies gave me some info about where to find reasonably priced fiber in town.  Who knows, maybe I'll become a talented spinner. Yay for new skills!

So yeah, that was the Panoply Day 3 highlight :)

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  1. And this post is another reason why I wish I lived closer to this festival.

    And with hand spinning, you could always ply that yarn with another cool color to minimize the "pinkness" if it isn't your color...



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