Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Crafting: Minor Meltdown

Hey there.

It's past midnight and I have NO idea why I'm still awake... I was watching Corinne's Re:Create videos on (check them out here) for a while.  I really miss the old Threadbanger. Oh well, I can always go back and watch the archives :)

Anyway, I had a thought... Christmas is 30 days away... Has anyone else had this realization?!?!  What the crap!!!! I still have sooo much work to do!  I'm low-key freaking out... I just want to have all my projects/gifts ready this year.  That's all I really want...

I'm going to have to turn myself into a one-woman crochet sweatshop for the next few weeks... I have 15 out of 20 projects done... What have I been frittering about doing?

Handmade Holidays List
[] 2 drop in the pond afghans (1 complete)
[] 3 scarves with initials (2 in progress)
[] 3 pairs of slippers (1 complete)
[] 2 hats (1 complete)
[] 1 hat/scarf set
[] 1 set of mason jar cozies (1 complete - 1 in progress)
[x] 1 set of luminaries
[] 1 set of bow & butterfly hair clips (in progress - need clips)
[] 5 undecided gifts

Ok... I feel like I've been working non-stop of crochet things and haven't done anything... ugh!  I was ahead of the game when I first started this in SEPTEMBER!  What the crap!!!  Calm down... I can do this. I can finish these projects in time. My friends and family WILL get their gifts for Christmas and not Valentine's or St. Patrick's day...

Alright. That was quite a quiet meltdown I just had... I guess tomorrow and Tuesday I'll work on finishing the second drop in the pond afghan and the hair clips.  I need to break out my calendar and seriously schedule out my crafting time and goals so that I can complete this.

Plus, if I ever really want to run a shop myself, I have to get better at starting/chugging out/finishing pieces in a timely manner.  I really want to do the shop thing.  But that's totally a dream right now.  A star on the horizon.

Good night all.  If you have any tips of getting things done, please let me know and if you have any encouragement for this crafty life, lay it on me :)  Peace.


  1. Sounds like we a "go-hard in the paint" night of crafting needs to happen post haste. I'm totally in the same situation except I've got my unfinished presents trying to creep their way back out from under the area rug of my mind where I'd stashed them until I had time to complete them. I keep hoping they'll understand my stress and knit up themselves!I take the cake of being over ambitious during holidays.... Tip of the day: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Good luck and I'm here when you're ready for the craft night :)

  2. OoooOOooOOooo... fun videos! And wow, your crafting holiday madness is putting me to shame. You've got quite a list there. No need to panic, Christmas is still a month away. You can do it!! You're not a one woman sweat shop for nothin'! ;)


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