Thursday, November 22, 2012

What's on My Hook? #17: Been Hookin... (I know, couldn't help it)

'Ello!  Today was a good day.  Half day at work, preparing to donate a bag of yarn/other stuff to the thrift store but giving it to a friend instead, thrifting & dinner out with Lamar, new socks, and some finished crochet pieces ^.^ Huzzah!!!!

So, I've certainly slowed down with my Handmade Holidays crafting... (bad Caleisha! I know... hangs head in shame). Let's see... I finished the man slippers.

I also made the mistake of asking my other cousin what she would like me to make for her and her husband...

Word of advice for fellow crafters: Don't do that!  Just make them something useful and call it a day!

She sent me a picture of a hat from Buckle like 'can you make me this hat?'  I want to rant about that, but I won't... I just rolled my eyes and took my hips over to Ravelry to browse hat patterns.  I'll be making some kind of slouchy beanie for her and this beanie for her husband, but honestly, I've been changing my mind so often lately that this may be completely different come tomorrow... 

I have been working on & frogging out a pair of slippers for my cousin Dawn, and at this moment have nothing but a pile of yarn to show for it... Originally, I was going to make these bunny slippers for her, but the pattern was very frustrating... I'm going to try to tackle it again later on, but it's not working for me for this holiday crafting.  Oh well.  So I think I'm going to go back to the moccasin pattern for her, cuz I really like it :)
This is all that's left of the bunny slippers...

Next, I've completely fallen in LOVE with this pattern! It's a simple chunky tam and so far, I've made... 4.  Yes, I went a little ham... I must confess, I do love love love me some chunky accessories! :) 
1.Burgundy 2.Grey/Navy 3.Black 4.Oatmeal
Having these hats has been such a saver for me because I haven't washed/detangled my hair in a week and snatching the black hat and tucking my hair away has been great.  I just finished the last tan one tonight.  Call it a "break" from holiday crafting... I don't know if you can actually call it a break since I haven't been finishing any holiday crafting... but whatever...

Lastly, a few weeks ago Michaels had their Loops&Thread Charisma yarn on sale for $1.99 ea (reg $4.49 ea) and I bought 3 balls of yellow and 3 of white.  In the back of my head I wanted to use the color scheme for a chevron blanket, but 6 balls of yarn is nowhere near the amount needed for a substantial blanket... so I raided my yarn stash for other colors/textures to go with the two Charisma yarns.  And now, I have a pretty great mix of yellows, greys, & white.

So yeah, that's it. I know it's a long post & I'm sorry... the next WoMH will be mostly pictures because I WILL have more projects completed. I decree and declare! lol...

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving & if you go out to shop on Black Friday, say something encouraging to the sales reps/cashiers. Working Black Friday is one of the worst things to do as a retail employee...

~Peace ^.^


  1. Great stuff! Good luck with your Christmas crafting

  2. I love the pics! can't wait to see the bunny slippers! I may be able to help if you want some. I know the frustration that comes with making slippers lol.

    I'm definitely down for the NEACA!!!! looks awesome!
    Definitely down for the craft night!
    Definitely down with sneaking off to a yarn store for black Friday and totally raiding!
    :) I don't have six points but you get my drift ;)


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