Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not So Blue Monday #16: Friend Time

This is what made my Monday not so blue:

My bestbrotherfriend Ricky came to visit from California! Hurray! It was awesome to get to hang out with him again. I think the last time we saw each other was like summer 2010.

We decided to go out to lunch and like good little Oakwood Alumni, lunch was at Stanlieo's Sub Villa.
To explain: Around Easter weekend countless and far-flung Oakwoodites make the yearly pilgrimage back to Huntsville to reconnect with friends and take long walks down memory lane.  During this time, they must eat and for some reason, Stanlieo's has been the generational food provider for such travelers.  So much so, that Stanlieo's actually has an OC Special sub.  A high honor for the Oaks as none of the other universities in the city can make that claim.  Anyway, people who were unable to make the trip send requests along the highways and byways "Bring me back a Stanlieo's!" & "Don't forget my Stanlieo's!" & "I want the Veggie Combo... no the Veggie Medley!" And their faithful friends return home heavy laden with the once toasty subs, now soggy from the trip,  which are eaten with misty eyes and nostalgic hearts leaving the muncher longing for their next opportunity to partake in this, the most yummy of Oakwood traditions.
snagged from Ricky's instagram @rmhodnett
So Ricky and I spent an hour and a half laughing at our old shenanigans making lists of stories that we're not allowed to share at each others weddings.  He definitely has more than me... Funny times :)

All that's left is the bag... yum
At this point in my life I really appreciate my true friends. Friends that have been there for me thru good and bad, ups and downs, in and out of relationships, and loved me enough to drag me to a counselor in the midst of my dark days.  They are my family by choice.  Adopted brothers and sisters that blood couldn't make closer to me.

I'm sure they've saved my life.

Observe Caleisha's creeper face.
Friends always make Mondays not so blue. ^.^  Plus friends are good for your health so I'm just sayin, keep up with your old friends and don't forget to try to make new ones.


  1. Awwww, this is so sweet! I'm glad you had a good day. Thank goodness for friends <3


  2. Gosh.. For real! True friends are sooooo hard to find! So glad you got to spend a lovely time with your pal!And that sandwich thingy looks delish!



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