Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Best Day in a Long Time

Hey there!  (Sorry for the cruddy picture quality to follow, all we had for a while were our cell phones.)

It's been a little while since I've really written, but I really wanted to share a bit of happiness with you :)

Sooooo... I am oh so very happy this week ^.^ and the reason is due to the wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, Lamar is visiting for the WHOLE WEEK!!!!!

I could dance around Huntsville :)

The girls were SO EXCITED to see Lamar ^.^

Anywho, he flew in on Saturday at 11:30 and after getting stuck in like 2 mile per hour traffic I finally got to the Birmingham airport by like 1pm or something.  I feel like if someone had been filming one of those lovey-dovey chick flick movies they wouldve absolutely loved our "reunion."  Why? Because he was sitting on a bench and I saw him before he saw me- and I ran to him then slid into his lap ^.^  It was great!  After which, there were lots of kisses and hugs and strangers smiling at us.

Unfortunately, Lamar's suitcase didn't make it onto his flight and we were told that we'd need to come back in the morning to pick it up.  I'm so glad that he's such an even keel person, because he took what could've been a frustrating experience (who really has money to make extra trips to Bham?!?) and turn it into an awesome Date Day :) I'm blessed.

So, we got up Sunday and lounged around and left the house at 2pm to head back down to Bham.  Our first stop was the Civil Rights Institute.  Of course, I ended up crying... but it's always good to know your history.

After we left the Institute, we walked through Kelly Ingram Park and looked at the statues.  They were so intense!  There was one where you walk through a corridor and there are huge rabid looking dogs jumping out of the walls.  All I could think was "Thank you GOD in Your infinite wisdom for bringing me into this world in this time..."

Across the street from the park/Institute, is the 16th Street Baptist Church.  They have a memorial for the four girls killed in 1963.  The part of the Institue that brought me to tears was their room.  They were so young...

By this time of the evening, my heart was so heavy so we went to snatch Lamar's bag from the airport then find the Carver Theater for a poetry show.  Or what I thought was going to be a poetry show... Only it wasn't... It turned out to be a step show called Step in the Name of Love with lots of church groups and a few Greek groups.  It was awesome. Very inspirational :)

Here are a few of the performances:
These mimes had people PRAISING in the audience!
Stepping Church Youth Group. Yes those are leeettle kiddos in the front.
The SYD Shuffle. Giant rapping bear with glasses... check...
They were throwing t-shirts into the audience, but Lamar and I sat in the balcony so we figured there's no way we'll get anything.  Then the MC of the program came out to throw a shirt and tossed it directly into Lamar's hands. WINNING!!!

OK. That's it.  We had alot of fun, but the best thing about the whole experience was that we had it together.  I'm so glad Lamar's here with me.  I've probably said that to him multiple times a day already.  He's sitting next to me on the sofa falling asleep as I'm writing this and I can't help but to smile at him. 


  1. Oh, I'm so glad Lamar is visiting. Those pups do look so happy to see him.

    The Civil Rights Institute would be such an eye opening experience. I just finished reading the book 'The Help'. Have you read it? It is amazing how much times have changed. And thankfully so.

    Hope you and Lamar have a great turkey day!!

    1. I havent read The Help, I did see the movie and liked it (I sound like the words reader EVER lol)

      Yes, I'm soo happy that Lamar's here. I feel like we're trying to squeeze a month's worth of dates into a week tho, but it's fun anyhow.

      You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too darlin! I bet you have a few crafty bits decorating your home ;)

    2. Well, you're not a bad reader because I kinda mini-lied... lol! I listened to the book on tape on my commute to work... but that still counts right?!! ;)


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