Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lamar and Caleisha at the Fair

Hey there :)

This past Tuesday, Lamar and I went to the Lake County Fair for dollar day.  It's been like 6 or 7 years since I've been to a fair and even longer for Lamar.  It was really nice to get out and do something with him ^.^

Anywho, we rode a couple rides and played one of those rigged fair games and had a genuinely good time together.

 photo 20130409_205116_zps6d6a7aca.jpg
I couldn't help the hand holding picture... I'm sappy... I know :)
The first ride we rode was called the Orbiter or better yet Spin-Around-Til-You-Puke. I recorded video of us and Lamar was trying to look all cool, but then we just ended up laughing hysterically through the whole ride. Good times.
 photo 20130409_203859_zpsd5b1cf84.jpg
Yay! Fair lights!
Lamar said that the fair people were trying to give people seizures from all the flashing lights and whatnot. chuckle
 photo 20130409_204606_zps89eba934.jpg
My intention was to continue filming, but I accidentally took a picture.  I like it anyhow. Yay for accidental photos!!
Next, we rode the Ferris wheel. I must confess, I was holding on to the bar in our basket when it stopped us at the top. Heights are not my friend... and since I knew the little basket doors weren't that secure... it was mildly terrifying. Just saying.  Lamar loved it though :)  We took pictures from the top and as long as the thing was moving I was fine.

 photo 20130409_210025_zpsca09a633.jpg
I think that lady under the tickets sign is smiling at my camera... weird...
Of course I dragged him onto the Gravitron... but it's really more fun when you're little.  Not as much gravity to pull against you and you can move around and whatnot... However when you're a grown person like us, you kinda just stick to the wall and have your face smooshed back.  It was Lamar's first time riding it too.

Lastly, we got on a ride called Speed.  It was aptly named because I'm pretty sure it took the workers longer to strap everyone in than it took to ride the ride... meh... It was fun though, another pendulum with a spinning base kinda deal.

 photo 20130409_215139_zpscae277fd.jpg
After riding all these things, we still had one ticket each left so we went to the "house of mirrors"... Color me unimpressed... maybe my expectations of a house of mirrors were too high. *shrug* I did almost run into a wall though. So I guess they got me lol.

Oh yeah... on the way out, we saw they had a seal show.  You could take a picture in front of their pool and the seals would come and pose next to you. It was really cute. I bet they reek of fish...

Last but not least, here is the film of our trip.  I'm having more and more fun with Windows Live Movie Maker... who knows, maybe I'll actually make vlogs instead of dreaming about it, lol. Anywho, enjoy!


  1. I'm happy you two got to visit the fair as a couple - it's kinda cheesy but still fun :) Did he win you a giant tiger? haha
    Although I must say, just looking at those rides makes my stomach queasy. i get motion sickness so easy the doctors could probably make a study out of me. I go to the fair for all the heart stopping food. Yum!

  2. Awwwww!!!!!! so much fun! I love fairs. They're ten times better when you go with someone who knows how to have fun and its extra sweet when that someone is your soul mate :)


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