Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not So Blue Monday #20: God Moves

[It's a long one... but a good one]

Today presented itself as a series of unfortunate events that became illustrations of God's grace.

I woke up this morning with the plan of attending a job fair held by one of the area churches.  Since I've never been to a job fair and had no idea how many employers were going to be there I figured I needed to print more resumes. (This is the beginning of the unfortunate events.)  After getting dressed I pulled up my resume on Lamar's computer to print. But when the printing was done I saw that I hadn't pulled out the paper tray so all my prints were crunched up inside the printer.  :-/  So I took a breath and printed again.

Front pages successful... back page... not so much... Turned out I put the first set in the printer wrong so the text from the back printed on the front... *sigh* (double sided printing woes)...

Then the ink ran out.  Go figure.

Again, I started breathing deeply and praying "Ok, God. Please help me not panic."  I figured going to the library to make copies was the best option.  So I got all my stuff together for the job fair and went. When I got to the library, I went to put the car in park and nothing happened.  (The car's shifter cable is kinda broken and Lamar and I have been just pushing it back into place when need be.) So I got out and made the adjustment.

Library printing was a success. Huzzah!

Now I'm getting back in the car prepared to go smile my face off at this job fair.  My hair's still in place. I didn't get any smutz on my blouse from fiddling with the shifter cable.  My skirts still pressed.  Things are looking good.  Until...

The car won't shift out of park.

My immediate thought was "CRAP!!!! It's really broken now! What am I going to do!?" **deep breath deep breath deep breath** I'm in the car trying to breathe my tears away and praying desperately for help.  Then I looked up.

The library is right next to Advance Discount Auto Parts.  ^.^

So I go over and tell the guy what's going on and ask if he has something I can use to fix it.  He asks some car details and takes me on a walk around the store... I'm still praying silently for something I can use. I look down while he's telling me that they don't carry anything for Mazdas and my eyes fall on a packet of wire grommets...  Essentially, they are thick rubber rings.  I asked him if I could put this on the engine part and he said sure.

One fit perfectly!  

Off to the job fair :)  Resumes in hand, shifter cable fixed, clothes still clean, hair in place. I'm thanking God the whole way and thinking:
My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
The job fair was alright.  I'm suppose to get a call from the YMCA for a job in their summer program, so that's great.  But to me, the best part of the whole thing was meeting the recruiter for Sprint.  She was very encouraging while we spoke.  Her whole 'message' was be excellent at your level. Something I need to here these days.

So that was my day...

If that printer hadn't have run out of ink I wouldn't have had this testimony to share.  I think this is long enough.  I hope you got through the whole thing :)

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  1. great post! God brings obstacles in our lives just so that He can show off and remind us just how wonderfully loving He really is.


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